Monday, January 25, 2010

Going Away To Play


I’ll be away for a couple of days – going to play with grandsons. And do a bit of work in the process, too. Our son and daughter-in-law attend an annual conference for ministers and their wives and this is my annual ‘play’ time with their three boys while they are away. I know I will be tired, but happy, at the end of each day. They are good boys and easy to care for, but they are boys. Busy boys. Two will be in school all day this year so two-year-old Mr. H. and I will have the day together. Fortunately he takes a good, long afternoon nap. It’s possible this grandma will, too! I will be able to check in to see what you have to share and maybe leave a comment or two. When I get back I have things to show you – some finds and treasures you haven’t seen. Until then, I’m off for a play date – with three of the most wonderful grandkids anyone could ask for!

Grandma - sign


  1. Sounds like a perfect "getaway" Adrienne. Afternoon naps for g'ma's is A-okay with me!:-)

  2. Hi Adrienne! I will be a Grandma for the first time in March! Yippee! Nana KJ, me, is already preparing for the fun times ahead! I am so excited!

    Also, the music is glorious here! I kept your site open for awhile just to listen!

    Hugs, KJ

  3. Hope you have a great time, Adrienne. You will have your hands full for sure.

  4. You're going to have a wonderful time with those little boys and they are super lucky to have a Grandma like you! Enjoy!

  5. I know you are having a great time with the grandkids, and they are having a grand time with you!

  6. stopping by from Soul Aperture to pay you a visit. hope you are enjoying your time with your grandchildren.

    one love.

  7. Hello so nice to meet and New blog friend... thank you so much for your kind comment... I love your blog too,,, hope you are having lots of fun with your grandkids....



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