Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Gift Shop At Lavender Bleu


I promised to show you the gift shop at Lavender Bleu. After enjoying a sweet time together over Afternoon Tea Marilyn and I said goodbye and I spent a bit of time in the gift shop. If you ever come to visit I’d love to take you there – if you live nearby, it would be fun to meet there to browse and shop. And have a cup of tea!

Just outside the door of the tearoom is the patio area where they serve tea during the summer months. On the patio, between the door of the tearoom and the back door of the gift shop, there are all kinds of wonderful garden things for sale. I could spend a lot of time there – and I may go back soon to get some things for my yard. The first thing I spied was this darling little pair of boots. Yellow ceramic boots! I really think I NEED them!


Aren’t those just the cutest little boots? (That garden tool is a door knocker!) Wait till you see inside the shop! There are things for tea – of course.


And sweet little cupcakes to display (but not to eat!).


And more teacups and teapots and pretty serving pieces.


I would love to buy this set.


These cute teacups caught my eye – such fun!


There are all kinds of pretties – napkins and tablecloths and table runners. Pretty papers to write to your best friend and greeting cards, too. Jewelry and handbags. Seasonal decor and bits of whimsy to add to your home. Aprons and linens and things galore. But the corner that caught my eye was this one. . .


The baby and children’s room!


That darling little white coat is just about the softest thing you could ever hope to touch. I thought of a special little girl who would look like a princess in it. She would need this dress to go with it, too. Don’t you think?


I loved these porcelain alphabets. I may go back soon and get one to add to a baby shower gift. The photo doesn’t show the blues very well – they are all pinks and blues.


There was a lot to see and too much share all at once. Soon it was time for me to go so I bought some tea to enjoy at home, said farewell to the owner and her assistant and promised to return again soon. Another day. And maybe you can go with me next time. Wouldn’t we have fun?


  1. Hi!

    Thank-you for your sweet visit!

    I love this tea room! Those cups are so fun! All of the colors are great....

    love, kelee

  2. It was a great gift shop. I missed the yellow boots, so cute.

  3. Oooh, I love it, that little stack of teacups would be mine if I were there!


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