Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen Gifts

I promised to show you some finds and treasures I’ve not shared with you before. Before I show you the things I have found I want to share with you some gifts a dear family member gave me for Christmas. I love receiving things for my kitchen – especially when they are things I would love to have but probably wouldn’t buy for myself! We exchange Christmas gifts with a dear cousin in another state and he always finds the neatest things for me. I always look forward to opening his gift on Christmas morning – I can’t wait to see what ‘fun’ and interesting thing he had found this time! This year he gave me the sweetest kitchen gifts – measuring cups unlike anything I’ve ever had before. This could make cooking fun!

Measuring Cups - All

Aren’t they cute? When you look inside, here’s what you see:

Measuring Cups - One

Measuring cups - One Half

Measuring Cups - One Third

Measuring Cups - One Fourth

In the same package I found this little cutie – she’s a dish brush!

Dish Brush 2

Now it seems I need to head to the kitchen to measure something special so I can make a delectable treat – and dirty some dishes so I can use my sweet dish brush. That’s what I’ll do – my sweetheart will be thrilled and I’ll enjoy it, too. Hmmm, what shall it be? I'm sure whatever I make will bring 'joy beyond measure'!


  1. Those are the cutest measuring cups I've ever seen, Adrienne! They are wonderful!

  2. What wonderful measuring darling, Adrienne!

  3. Those are darling kitchen gadgets! You will surely enjoy them.

    So glad you enjoyed caring for the grandsons. I got tired just reading the schedule. LOL

  4. G'eve, Adrienne ~ I've never seen these kinds of cups before ... they are DARLING! Lucky you.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Adrienne, thank you so much for your recent visits and comments. Whenever you stop by you always make me smile. :)

    I am green with envy over those darling measuring cups. I have never seen anything like them. Really, really cute!

  6. I love these cups..and the best thing is they are dual purpose!! They sit on a shelf and look really cute and you always know where to find them when needed!!

  7. Love the gifts Adrienne! I rarely buy myself anything for the kitchen either so it's fun when someone finds something unique. blessings, marlene

  8. How sweet! I love the cups and the dish brush. Charming~ I can just imagine how those gifts made you smile when you opened them...

  9. so totally cute!!

    Heart Hugs,

  10. I love those cups, Adrienne, and the cute dish brush. Hugs ~

  11. Love your gifts of the measuring cups and brush. What special gifts from your cousin.

  12. What darling measuring cups and dish brush! Isn't it sweet when someone knows what you like? I bet you think of him each time you use these:>)

  13. Hi Adrienne, I came across this older post looking for the song "Everlasting" and thanks to you, I am adding it to my playlist if I can figure it out! Also I just love these measuring cups - where can I get some like them???? Have a great week,


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