Monday, January 4, 2010

A Gift From The Heart

A few weeks before Christmas my sweetheart and I discussed what we would like for Christmas and we gave each other some gift suggestions. That’s always been a fun thing to do even though we never know what the other one has in mind or what we will really find under the tree on Christmas morning.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I’m a chaplain in care centers, assisted living facilities and have done some work with Hospice. Some of the men chaplains wear cross pins or tie-tacks and some of the ladies wear a cross necklace or pin. Not all chaplains wear jewelry that symbolizes their faith or their calling but it is something that is common to see. For awhile I didn’t own or want to wear any cross jewelry - I felt that most crosses made the true meaning of the cross seem too ‘beautiful’ or ‘flashy’. Too many of them were just jewelry. Many of them shouted ‘religious’ or ‘clergy’ - and I didn’t want to wear anything that would offend or detract from the relationships I treasure with the folks to which I minister. But recently I changed my mind. It all started at a meeting of chaplains last month where two lady chaplains were wearing absolutely wonderful cross necklaces that were simple but stunning. They were certainly a symbol but in no way offensive or over-the-top ‘glitzy’. Not long after that I began to search for the perfect cross necklace - one that had meaning and, at the same time, didn’t look pretentious or out-of-place. When I found it I let my sweetheart know and I added it to my Christmas wish list. That’s what happened – on Christmas morning I found this under the tree:

Just Right Cross

Just what I wanted! Perfect. And the meaning? The cross is the symbol of God’s love – from His heart – to us. A perfect gift at Christmas!

My sweetheart knows that I often love to wear long necklaces so he included an extra chain that is longer than the one that came with the necklace. Two gifts in one! I am thrilled and every time I wear my new necklace someone comments on it. And I love the joy I see in his eyes when I wear his special gift to me. That’s worth more than the gift itself – joy in the eyes of the giver!


  1. A beautiful and meaningful gift, Adrienne.

  2. I agree that is a beautiful cross and fills all your criteria.

  3. Beautiful! What a wonderful husband you have!

  4. Oh, Adrienne!
    It is BEAUTIFUL and just PERFECT! (and just the way I think of you!)
    Hugs and hope to talk to you soon now that I'm feeling more like ME!
    B :)

  5. Adrienne, Happy New Year! May it be full of God's continued blessings towards you. The necklace is perfect and beautiful.

  6. What a lovely piece! I hope that it will be something that gives you an opening to share about Christ's love when you wear it. ;)

  7. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry and a treasure to have some from your sweetheart. I have several crosses and love every one for different reasons. Some I wear and some I don't. But each one serves as a reminder that I am loved. blessings, marlene

  8. Oh, Adrienne, I love that beautiful cross. I have a small gold cross that I used to wear everyday, even at work at Wal-Mart. My daughter bought it for me at the mall, because I wanted it. We were exchanging something they gave me that did not fit well. I wish they were that pleased when I wear it. I love my gold cross and wear it when I go out. They even gave me another pretty one on like a thin rope chain.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I almost didn't post those things. Love and Hugs ~

  9. Adrienne...Your cross is Gorgeous!!!
    I'm not sure what your asking about the intertainment center...
    The very top bridge came with...
    It rests on the two components on either side.
    Then just below there is a smaller shelf BETWEEN the two components just above the tv.
    There is also a built in light in the bridge on top that shines on the shelf below...
    Hope that helps....Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Love the cross pin. I sometimes think more joy is gained by the giving especially when the receiver cherishes it. What a special gift.

  11. Adrienne, that the prettiest cross necklace I've ever seen! Simple and lovely.

    Would you mind emailing me and letting me know where you found it? My daughter wears one everyday and I think she would love this one.



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