Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Look What I Can Do!

A few days ago the phone rang - when I answered it, a little voice on the other end said, "Guess what, Grandma! I can ride my bike all by myself now!" It was Miss E., our youngest grandchild. She was so happy about her accomplishment and she couldn't wait to tell us. It wasn't long before Papa was on the phone, hearing the good news too. So, it only seemed reasonable that a trip to her house, about half an hour away, was in order. It wasn't long before we shared her joy.
So proud!
I'm still riding!
Look - no feet!
It wasn't long before her brother, Mr. C., wanted to show us the 'tricks' he could do on his bike. So, more fun was on the way.
No hands!
Standing up

Big sister, Miss A., and cousin, Miss Ash., wanted no part of the exhibition. After a few hugs and laughs they decided to do something more grown-up. A ride on their scooters to a nearby park was just the thing to do.

Serious talk

(Miss A. is on the left)

What fun to watch them learn and grow and experience the joy of each new accomplishment! I hope they will always find joy in sharing their lives with us as they continue to discover new things and explore new challenges no matter how big or small they are.


  1. How I remember my daughter learning to ride w/o help... sweet.

    Love your grandchildren's shoes. Too cute. Lovely grandchildren, all four of them. How proud you must be. :o)

  2. Our oldest granddaughter is 17 and she continues to share her wonderful adventures with us. When she was 14 and 16, her aunt gave us two more grandbabies and now we are expecting another. They are absolute joys. We're so blessed!

    Being a g'ma is wonderful, isn't it?


  3. How precious your grandchildren are! I look forward (someday) to having little ones around the house again and being able to spoil them half to pieces! God is good! All the time!

  4. Adrienne, you have the most beautiful grandchildren. Is it OK to be just a little envious? I adore the picture of your granddaughter with her feet off the pedals and the look on her face. Pure joy.

  5. Adrienne, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I see Kathy nominated you for the Nice Matters award too! After browsing thru your blog, I can see why. You are a lovely person! I love the area you live in. I plan on visiting the Columbia Valley someday. It is just gorgeous! If you have time, view my website at!

  6. sighhh it was only a few years ago that my son learned to ride his bike. I remember how proud he was! I think that is sooo sweet you took the time to share in the moment. Did you guys stop at Multinomah Falls? That area is sooo pretty! I grew up in the Willimette Valley but in the Eugene/Sprinfield area. Love to go up to Portland and go to the Montecello Flea Market. Adrienne thank-you so much for coming and visiting me! cherry


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