Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Doin' My Duty!

I may be away from here for a few days. I was summoned for jury duty. Today at nearly the last minute, when it looked like I would get to come home, I was added to the prospective jury pool in one of the courtrooms. Following the process of the legal system I was seated as a juror for a trial that is expected to last all week. Fortunately the courthouse has changed from the artist's rendition of the former courthouse above. I'm sure it would not be set up for the modern technology and conveniences that today's court system requires.

The current courthouse was built in 1937 and has undergone several major renovations through the years. I will spend the next few days in the newly remodeled, recently dedicated courthouse that serves the citizens of our ever-growing county.

I would like to spend my lunch hours taking incredible pictures of the area surrounding the courthouse but, since I'm not allowed to take a camera into the courthouse, I may have to go back after this trial is over and just wander around the area with no schedule and no agenda - just to take photos of things that capture my attention. In the meantime I will do my best to be alert and pay attention to all of the testimony and exhibits presented and to be fair to the individuals involved. When the due process of the law has been accomplished I will return to share bits and pieces of my life once again.


  1. I was called to Jury Duty only once, and after 4 hours we were sent home....

    It should be interesting!

  2. I think I'm the only person alive that LOVES jury duty. I've only been called once and I was the last person picked to be on the jury. I found the whole trial to be so interesting. I wish there was a job where I could be a juror every day! Have fun!

  3. I hope your trial isnt something nasty to listen to. Hopefully it wont take too long. I was called for duty once but they got enough jurors before they got to me. i would actually be interested in doing it, but I would hope it wouldnt be a nasty murder or something. I know someone has to do it but I am a bit sqeamish!

  4. When I was called for Jury Duty several years back, there were 10 different dates I needed to be at the courthouse during the summer (our children were toddlers and we had just moved to the area and had no idea who was going to watch the children). Every single time I was supposed to appear, I received a call from the courthouse that the case had been settled out of court! I was quite fortunate!

  5. Good luck on jury duty. I have been called a lot but never had to serve so far.

  6. I've been called twice and had to serve once. Fortunately it wasn't anyting terrible just a car accident claim. I found the whole thing really interesting.


  7. I'm still waiting for someone to call with beach/bonbon duty...sitting on the beach eating bonbons and getting paid for it. So far, no calls. sigh.


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