Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A House Becomes A Home

I was in high school when my family moved to our town. Some of our best friends lived in a beautiful new home they built on a main street here. We spent many happy hours at their house. We first met these friends when I was 4 years old and their oldest daughter was 5. We two girls became pals and spent many hours playing and dreaming together through the years. As young girls do in their teen years we thought more about the young boys driving by and less about the houses in the neighborhood. A few years ago my sweetheart and I bought our house just down the street and around the corner from my good friend's former home. The little house below is across the street from her old house. I drive by it every time I go to the grocery store, church and most places in our town. Sometimes when I'm walking I pass it on my way through the neighborhood. I have noticed a few things about this house over the last few years - it's small, rather 'shy' and unassuming and there is a separate room attached to the carport. That little room has a very big window. Through the window I could see lots of orchids and other houseplants. A greenhouse? A garden room, perhaps? Other than that I've really never paid much attention to this little house - until NOW! A few weeks ago I noticed that something was happening to this little house. Workers were busily removing some of the siding, the house was empty and it was obvious that changes were being made. So I began to watch to see what was going on. A new door appeared - odds and ends of old furniture and appliances suddenly had a place outside - painters worked inside - boxes of new appliances could be seen through the front window. Someone was getting a 'new' house! Then, the other day special signs appeared on the front porch.
I don't know the happy couple but I offer them best wishes for a wonderful life together and much happiness in their new little home.

To be continued. . . (hopefully) for many more years.


  1. How sweet and touching...especially the newlywed signs! I really enjoyed your stories...the pics of the butterflies are breathtaking. I love butterflies. Will be back to visit you! Found you through Tina's site. cherry


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