Monday, November 12, 2007

More Pilgrims Have Landed

More pilgrims can be seen in my home - just in time for the Thanksgiving festivities. A terra cotta couple stands on the table. . . (The 'vase' belonged to my great grandmother, Nanny. It is a spooner that sat on her kitchen table as long as I can remember - full of spoons.)

Another pair stands on the entertainment center. . .a sweet gift from a special friend.
Nearby a few more signs of the season.The book on the lamp table is "The Art of Abundance: A Simple Guide To Discovering Life's Treasures" by Candy Paull. She writes that "The art of abundance is the art of awareness. It is a way to count our blessings and practice mindfulness in our daily living. . . My spirit has been renewed and my heart refreshed whenever I have chosen to thank the great Creator for the blessings that come my way." Her challenge is to "discover how rich you are in the things that count." Appropriate at this time of year. Or any time of the year.


  1. Your home is so warm and inviting..might I come for a cup of tea, sit a while and share?

    The Lord uses you sweetly...

  2. Ohhh ... your blog is wonderful !!;-) magnificent!
    You have very good taste and refinement!

  3. Very nice post Adrienne, I hopr you have a wonderful Thanksgiving:>)

  4. Good morning! I’m so glad to find your blog. My name is Nan and I’m new to blogging, having just started this week. I hope you’ll drop by for a visit when you get a minute.
    I love the pilgrims.
    Have a fabulous day!

  5. Your home is very cozy and inviting, Adrienne!

    The books sounds wonderful.


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