Thursday, November 8, 2007

Signs Of Fall

Signs of Fall are beginning to appear around my house. Slowly, slowly but with a certainty that can't be ignored. First, a pilgrim man. . .

Then a pilgrim lady were placed on the mantle.

Not long afterwards, they were joined with other pretties. . .

Little beaded pumpkins and subtly-scented candles. To the right of the mantle a narrow shelf continues on, topping off a built-in bookcase filled with a collection of treasured, old books. Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, Little House On the Prairie and many other wonderful things to read - many of them saved from my younger years.

"A Young Girl Reading" hangs (appropriately) above the books. Yellow and brown accents bring a change from the colors on the mantle.

The wall color is a taupe-y gray. The little 'thing' on the right is a small stereo speaker that is covered with an old crocheted doily and topped with a sprig of fall leaves. In the center of the mantle another little speaker hides under the ivy. Hopefully my sweetheart will soon mount the speakers where they belong near the ceiling and free the corner and mantle of cord and speakers. The mantle may look plain - I'm tempted to add linens and cloths and doilies - but I just can't make myself cover the beautiful details. Since last Thanksgiving we have completely remodeled and changed the fireplace and mantle. I can't bear to cover the details my sweetheart so lovingly added. I love every single little one. Someday I'll share before-and-after pictures. You will see what I mean. What a difference this year!


  1. I think your display is lovely and the details of your mantle deserve to be seen! Sometimes a simple display is really the best:>)

  2. Your pilgrim decorations are just lovely!! We went straight from Halloween to Christmas decor--laughing!!I don't think I've ever seen pilgrim decor in any of the stores we visit.


  3. Lovely display Adrienne. You could put a table runner across the back of the mantle without hiding the beautiful detail (fold it in half lengthwise if need be).



  4. I love your fall decorations...
    and I love the Mantle...I look forward to the Before and After Pictures!!! :0)

  5. I love your pilgrims. They are so hard to find. I was amazed when you mentioned your Cherry Ames books. I have recently just discovered Cherry and have aquired 10 of the series. What fun reads they are. Happy Fall, Adrienne!


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