Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged Again!

Recently I was tagged by Hope at Second Time Around. I'm supposed to tell you eight habits or facts about me. I'm long overdue with my response - here goes:

1. When I was a little girl I loved the story of missionary Mary Slessor. I had a little book about her and the pictures captured my imagination. She was the first white person into very dangerous parts of Africa. A single lady following God's call. I imagined and visualized myself doing the same. I still have part of that little book - no cover but most of the pages.

2. When I was young I was fascinated with airplanes. Especially small ones. And I wanted to be a pilot. I dreamed of taking lessons and someday owning my own plane. Then I went to college and became friends with a student who had her pilot's license. The small college we attended often rented a little plane and paid her to fly to pick up needed-right-now supplies or special speakers and guests of the college. That settled it! I was going to do the same thing. Someday. Later I realized that I wanted to go a different direction and did not pursue this plan. But I'm still fascinated every time I see a small plane take off or land at the little airport not far from my home. And occasionally I wish that I could fly my sweetheart and I to some remote resort that can only be reached by plane.

3. I like mustard. I loved it when I was a kid. So much that I made and ate mustard sandwiches. Just bread and mustard. I think I must have overdosed on them - or I grew up and my taste changed. I love to put mustard on my sandwiches. No more mustard only sandwiches for me!

4. I love magazines. Home decorating, garden, fashion. Magazines old and new. I wish I could afford to subscribe to every single one I enjoy. I love to find magazines for sale at yard sales. And at my local library. In the Friends of the Library sale room.

5. Someday I would love to have a room that is just a library. Rows and rows of shelves full of books. Old books. New books. From the floor to the ceiling. With one of those library ladders. Or a spiral staircase to the second story of my library room. And comfy chairs.

6. I have a few online computer games that I enjoy. Free games. Nothing scary or violent. Just games to keep my attention. Word games. Puzzle games. A few arcade games. I could get lost with some of them. I limit my playing time so I don't forget to live life.

7. I would love to have a little house at the beach - or in the mountains - or by a river or lake. Somewhere close enough to my home so we could go there often. A place to relax and enjoy time away from the rush of everyday life.

8. It's hard for me to slow down and do nothing. I need to have a book, a magazine, a craft or handwork in my hands, my camera and somewhere to wander, a movie to watch or a friend to talk to.

Now I am supposed to tag eight friends to share about themselves. Since so many have already participated in this tag I will leave it open for anyone who would like to share about yourself. I hope you will take the challenge and let us get to know a bit more about you.


  1. I just LOVED reading these 8 things about you! For the most part, I was surprised to see that we have a lot in mine tomorrow and you will see how much! :)
    hugs, bj

  2. Adrienne I enjoyed reading your list! It was fun learning more about you!


  3. I enjoy reading these memes and getting to know you better. I see you are a spunky lady - wanting to fly an airplane!! And eating mustard sandwiches! I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches! Oh, I do remember eating mustard on saltines! Good!

    I hope you get your library room with the ladder or staircase!


  4. Adrienne, thanks for sharing those little insights into yourself...I enjoyed learning a little more about you...
    who would have known that you wanted to fly a plane!!!

  5. ok, sweet friend...i did my 8 things today so come on over and read 'em......

    hugs, bj


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