Friday, January 2, 2009

It Won't Rain Always

Today we gathered to celebrate the life of our dear son-in-law and to say our goodbyes. Family and friends came from far and near to remember him and give support to our sweet daughter and her children, his family and my sweetheart and I. There were smiles as we reminisced, tears shed as we tried to understand and imagine life without him and lots of hugs given in love. It was one of many difficult days - just the beginning of many more, I know. The road ahead has taken turns we could not have anticipated. At times it seems impossible. But I love the special way God sends beauty to remind us that there is reason to go on. 'God's glad surprises' my dear little mother calls them. Today He did it again as we drove home in thoughtful silence. After heavy rain storms the sky was painted with blue and gray and pink and white painting a picture of hope - and confirmation that there will be brighter days ahead. And then the words of a special song that has given comfort in the past gently came to mind.
Someone said that in each life
Some rain is bound to fall
And each one sheds his share of tears
And trouble troubles us all
But the hurt can't hurt forever
And the tears are sure to dry

And it won't rain always
The clouds will soon be gone
The sun that they've been hiding
Has been there all along
And it won't rain always
God's promises are true
The sun's gonna shine
In His own good time
And He will see you through

Song: 'It Won't Rain Always'
Words by Gloria Gaither
Music by Bill Gaither and Aaron Wilburn


  1. Yor are still in my prayers. There will be brighter days ahead. May God bless your sweet family.
    Your's in Christ,

  2. Dear friend, I have thought of you and your family off and on for the last few days. I can't even imagine the hurt you are all feeling...but,one thing I know. You are a family of strong belief and love the Lord with every fiber of your I KNOW ya'll will make it thru this valley.
    My thoughts and prayers, bj

  3. Another sweet post, dear Adrienne. I'm sorry it rained today. I was praying for you all. Yes, the sun will come out. I pray for God's comfort for the everyone and peace.

  4. Oh Adrienne, your family has so been on my heart. How is your daughter and those precious grandchildren doing? Probably still so surreal to them all yet. What a terrible, terrible loss and what a terrible time of the year for those little children too.

    My sympathies to your entire family.



  5. Dear Adrienne,
    I'm not sure how I missed the post on the passing of your dear SIl...I am so so very sorry for your loss and am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers...
    With lots of love and prayers,

  6. Dear Adrienne, I am still prayng for you and your daughter and grandchildren. I know about rainy days, and I know sometimes it feels that they will never pass. God is with us through it all. I hope you are passing our love on to your dear family.

  7. I continue to lift up your dear family in my daily prayers!!!
    I know the sun will shine for your dear daughter and her children again...

  8. I'm very sorry for your loss.

  9. dear friend, my thoughts are with your daughter (& family) during this oh so bittersweet time.

    prayer heavenward <><

  10. Hello dear Adrienne
    I think about you often and am praying for all of you as you walk through this difficult time.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  11. You and your family have been a constant in my thoughts and prayers this week, Adrienne. Love to you all...

  12. I'm holding you all close in my heart. May our prayers comfort you.

  13. Dear Adrienne,
    I'm am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your dear SIL. I have read through your all your post with tears, yet blessed by your beautiful,love-filled and gentle words. I will be praying for your daughter and the children. May our great God bring comfort and healing and strength to their hearts each day in a deep way that only He can accomplish.
    I pray for you and your husband also--for comfort and strength as you face these days ahead.
    Please know I'll be praying with all my heart,
    With Love-- as we trust in Him and cling to His promises together,
    Claudia O.


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