Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Special Birthday

Today is a very special birthday for our dear granddaughter, Miss E. Today she is six years old! It's a long-awaited day - a day to count on two hands - a day to celebrate and enjoy. A party is planned with little friends this weekend but today will be a special celebration to remember forever and always. Miss E. is going out for lunch with her grandma (me) and her great-grandmother (my dear little mother)! We are going to a chosen place where hamburgers and meals for young ones abound. Then we will return to my dear mother's home where we girls will spend time together. Just us. A few gifts will be opened and enjoyed before she returns home to join her older sister and brother after they return from school. Oh, the joy this precious little girl has given us through these past years. And the joy we know she will continue to bring. She adds sparkle to our days, smiles to our tired faces, the sound of laughter to our quiet world. And we are learning again to enjoy the simple, basic things - like counting to one hundred, reciting the alphabet, singing silly songs long forgotten. We can't imagine life without her. She is a gift from the Father above. Chosen to bring something so special to this world.

Happy birthday, dear Miss E.


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss E! I know you're going to have the best day and that she will have wonderful memories to carry with her. blessings, marlene

  2. Enjoy the day with Miss E.! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Miss E! She is a doll. I see the sparkle and sweetness in her eyes~
    I know that Grandma's going to enjoy the day as well.

  4. What a beauty she is!Happy Birthday Miss E!Have a wonderful time Adrienne!~Sharon G

  5. Enjoy the day with Miss E and your own dear mother :o)

    How special it will be for your granddaughter to spend it this way and what wonderful memories she'll have to treasure as she gets older!


  6. Oh, Adrienne, she is so precious and beautiful. You three have a very happy day.

  7. Hi Adrienne
    Happy birthday to Miss E. SHe is a doll. Aren't grandchildren he mosy wonderful thing ever? I think about you often and am praying for you and your family.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  8. Happy Birthday indeed! What a beautiful little girl:>) The inner beauty shines through her eyes as she smiles her sweet smile. You are a very lucky grandma!

  9. ooo, I am sure her birthday was just wonderful. She is such a beautiful little girl and, believe me, I KNOW, FOR A FACT, how much you love her!!
    We are going to a basketball game tonight to watch one of our grands play and 2 more are tumbling at half time. Very special !!
    hugs, bj

  10. Oh, she is sooo pretty!! I hope she had a wonderful day, I'm sure she did! I hope to hear about a tea party you have with her soon!


  11. Hello Adrienne, I have sure missed you lately! I loved your post about Miss E! My grandaughter is six also - and she is my heart! I got to see her being born! I guess that's why! All the grand kids are wonderful, but Ashley is the first - and very precious to us! Have a fun time with Miss E, and your mother too!

  12. Such a sweet looking little thing she is. :o)


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