Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Very Special Day

Today is a very special day. Thirty-seven years ago this afternoon I walked down the aisle of a nearby church to join the man of my dreams, my sweetheart, and become his wife! We pledged our love and our lives to each other and began a new life together. We are leaving this morning to spend a few days away together - just us. We have a cute little condo for two waiting for us at the Oregon Coast. We will return Sunday evening - rested, refreshed and ready to go again. I'll catch up with you when I return.

Another year to create precious memories together.
Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other.
Another year to build a life rich in love and laughter.
Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines 'forever'.

Happy anniversary, my sweetheart!

(Yesterday was our dear daughter-in-law's birthday. She was born the day of our wedding rehearsal! Isn't that special? Our daughter and I traveled a short distance from my home to take Mrs. K. to lunch and spend time together. We had a wonderful time - just us girls [although I did get to see our son and two of our grandsons briefly]. It was such fun -we can't wait to spend time together again. Soon.)

Poem: 'Another Year' by Joanna Fuchs


  1. Sending happy wishes your way! I hope you and your hubby are blessed with many more years together. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Adrienne. Enjoy your little "honeymoon" away.



  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you! I am so glad to hear you are spending some happy time away together after all the sorrow. May you have many more years of love:>)

  4. Aw, how wonderful that you are still so very in love!

  5. A very Happy Anniversary to you and your husband Adrienne!!

    May the Lord grant you many more years together, in His will :o)


  6. Happy Anniversary, Adrienne! Wishing you many more years of happy happy days!

    I came by to tell you about the lens I used for the moon photo. It's a Tameron 18-200 macro...yes, a macro lens of all things! I set the tripod in the doorway and zoomed in on the moon, set the focus to manual and focused in, set the timer and took several shots. I then, cropped the photo for a closer look and used the sharpen option in Picasa 3. I really would love a telephoto lens. Maybe that will be something to save toward in '09.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I think the weather is going to be just perfect for you~

  8. Congratulations on the blessing of a wonderful marriage. It is one of life's greatest comforts.

  9. Happy anniversary!!!
    enjoy your time away together!!!

  10. Sweet anniversary blessings coming your way, Adrienne. (((hug)))

  11. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary weekend! We almost have the same anniversary date!


  12. A belated Happy Anniversary to both of you! Blessings and prayers for many more lovely anniversaries to come!

  13. Belated happy anniversary. I hope you had a very special get-away.

  14. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two very special peoople!

    Blessings and hugs from the creek!


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