Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are You A Follower?

Just sneaking in here to let you know that I have added the 'Follower' feature to my blog. If you are a follower of my wanderings through blogland, please scroll down to that section on the right side of my blog and add your name to the list. I love knowing that you're there, even though you let me know when you are. This is just another fun part of the friendships I cherish in the wonderful world of blog.

I haven't forgotten to share our fabulous vacation in San Francisco. I'm working on editing my photos. Yesterday my camera and my computer nearly screamed at me as I downloaded over twelve hundred photos - most of them from the trip. It was a process, for sure, and now I'm working through them to delete a few that are less than desirable. In the next day or so you will begin to see - in a new format - the places we went and some of what we did. Now, if you want to see all twelve hundred plus photos. . .


  1. I've added myself Adrienne - I have you on my reader but I don't want to miss even one post! blessings, marlene

  2. Hi, sweetie!
    Just a note to say "hi" and send along hugs. I'd LOVE to see all 1200 pics ... over tea and sandwiches??
    Betty :)

  3. Hi Adrienne, I added my name to your blog, although you know that I follow it already! You have beautiful posts, and you sure take lovely pictures, my friend!

  4. Great, Adrienne. I am definitely one of your followers, and I clicked to make it official.

    I recently added this, too. I hope you'll follow me. ;-)

  5. Yes, I will gladly "follow" you!



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