Monday, August 24, 2009

Tea To Go

While I continue to edit and organize the millions of photos taken during our recent vacation I want to share a new ‘find’ with you. I’m excited to have this little treasure that will add a touch of class, a few moments of relaxed refreshment and just a bit of 'me' to our little cabin-on-wheels. For some time I have been on a mission to make our travel trailer a home-away-from-home – give it a touch of ‘us’ and the feeling that it is more than just the average RV. Unlike all the others on the lot or in the park. In my quest to do so I decided something was missing – a teacup and a little teapot! It wasn’t long before I decided what those pieces should look like. Then the hunt was on! On a recent Friday out with my dear little mother we garage sale-d right into the perfect garage filled with treasures galore. And there, sitting atop its box, was exactly what I was looking for. This was the one! Just what I needed. And the price was unbelievable.


It’s a ‘one-piece, all-in-one’ set, easily stored in my little home-where-I-go home. And the colors are perfect – my favorites. It is a ‘hardy’ little set, not too fragile – just right! When I’m ready for tea it easily becomes. . .


A teapot and a teacup. For one! When I showed it to my sweetheart he said he didn’t want to be responsible for ‘protecting’ it when he takes the trailer to hunting camp. It would certainly get broken. My response? Oh, my dear, you have no idea how many things I take out of there before you ever leave home! Things that have no place with the guys at hunting camp. I think he was surprised, but it’s true. Some things just don’t work when it’s a guy-place. This one is truly a special girl-thing, a me-thing, a pretty thing. It will only go to hunting camp the day that I go to hunting camp! Picture this: the men will be running through the woods chasing whatever they chase. And I – I will be lounging in the comfort and style of my little cabin-on-wheels in the woods nearby. Curled up on my couch of luxury, surrounded by my pretties. Drinking tea!


  1. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for visiting me on Delights of the Heart. I am so happy you are enjoying my Monday Linen Days. I have had fun doing it.

    Love your SF pictures. We once lived there; so it brings back memories. And of course I love teapots too.


  2. I wrote comments, but don't think they were saved. Thanks for visiting Delights of the Heart. Canby is indeed closeby. In May each year we go to Canby to the plant sale at the fair grounds, plus I love Aurora nearby.

    Your SF pictures were a pleasure to see, as I have a warm spot in my heart for SF. My husband and I lived there at one time many years ago. Love your new teapot too. Aren't bargains the very best?

  3. lol, That is cute what you said, Adrienne. And I love your new teapot and cup. I'm glad you enjoyed your day out with your mother.

  4. Hello --
    Terrific tea pot for one! It is PERFECT and Love it!
    B :)

  5. Your little tea for one is perfect for you and your camping trips! Love the color! Yes, take it out when the men go camping! LOL!


  6. I love the tea for one set..I found one last winter and enjoy having it.:)

  7. I have the feeling you are having an awesome summer! Your pictures are fabulous!!

  8. Adrienne, it is so pretty - and so you. I do have the image of you relaxing over your pretty cup of tea in your home away from home.

    And, you are right to protect the men from exposure to your pretties. Or, we really have to protect our pretties from our men.

  9. I LOVE it Adrienne!So pretty!!Blessings~Sharon

  10. Men and breakables do not mix. Period. You found a dear little treasure.

    So glad you had a nice trip to SF. It was a 95 degree heatwave in October the year I went. All I had was fall clothes!

    Bad little Joey you are so adorable. I'm sure you've been forgiven. Kitty Chelsea learned all the high places to jump to while I was in Georgia. Oye!

  11. What a sweet teapot...I love that style!



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