Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay

After a bit of trouble with the photo editing program I’m finally able to share photos of our San Francisco vacation. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them.) I can’t wait to show you where we were and what we did! We arrived in The City on the afternoon of my birthday. There is no way to describe the excitement I felt as the place where I left my heart so many years ago came into view. And as we drove across the Bay Bridge and into San Francisco I think a few tears of joy quietly rolled down my cheeks!

SF - Arriving

After we checked into our hotel and relaxed a bit it was time to head out for the evening we had planned – just time together at last in this City filled with places to go and things to do! We drove to Fisherman’s Wharf and soon found a sidewalk table outside a famous restaurant. Excitement seemed to fill the air as we watched crowds of people pass by.

SF - Fishermans Wharf Dinner

We ate a light supper - clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and shrimp salad – and then we joined all the other people who had come to see the sights and hear the sounds on the shores of the Bay. Just across the street from where we ate was Boudin’s - the famous sourdough bread bakery. San Francisco is known for the sourdough bread baked in The City and Boudin’s has been on the wharf for many years. Going into their building and seeing (and smelling!) warm bread come out of the bakery and into the cafe and bistro and the little shops there is quite a fun experience. But you had better be careful because there are creatures there like none you’ve ever seen before. Near the front door and cash register you may find a big crab with little black eyes and big pincers. And the alligator is on a leash so he won’t get away!

SF - Boudins

We slowly strolled along the sidewalks and piers and really enjoyed our time together. It was a dream that had been a long time in the making – and now it was finally coming true! And the night was beautiful. There was a bit of a chill from the sea breeze but we didn’t mind. The joy of being there together was all that mattered. We walked through the marina near the restaurant where we had eaten and enjoyed the lights of the City and the moon overhead. Before leaving for the evening we sat on a rock wall under the big yellow Fisherman’s Wharf sign to listen to a fantastic street musician play his keyboard and violin. His songs touched our hearts and it was as if we were the only people there and he was playing just for us.

SF - Wharf At Night

The magic of that evening will live in our hearts and memories forever. We will never forget the sweet August night we enjoyed together – sitting by the dock of the bay.


  1. How romantic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful pics!

  2. It sounds like a beautiful memory. Summer nights are made for just that kind of fun:>) I have never been to California but I would love to go and explore some day.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful evening you two had, Adrienne ~ Thanks for sharing it with us and for the wonderful pictures.

  4. Sn Fransiso looks so fabulous. I hope to go there someday. I'm glad you enjoyed "sittin on the dock of the bay:
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  5. I absolutely LOVE the SF sour dough bread! It's not the same anywhere else!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip so much. I don't think I knew it was your birthday, I know it was a wonderful birthday celebration!


  6. So beautiful! Thanks for taking us along. Glad your time there was everything you hoped for.

  7. It sounds like you had the most marvelous time! I only spend a few minutes in San Francisco on my way to Nape and Sonoma a few years ago. It made we want to come back and spend a few more days there. Sittin on the dock of the bay, was the first song I learned to play on the organ!

  8. Hi, wonderful!
    Just a note to say how much we appreciate you guys. We are having a good time and wish you were here. .... or maybe we were in SF together!
    Will try to write more when not so tired and a better internet connection. had a great day ...
    Betty :)


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