Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Faire Memories


Sometimes the memory of a special time is almost as precious to me as the event itself. I hold it in my heart and treasure it over and over - and that’s true once again. Thinking back to every little part of the Antique Faire and Car Show at Deepwood Estate last Saturday is almost as good as being there! There is so much to share – I came home with over four hundred photos to edit!* I met vendors with wonderful wares and blog friends whose hugs meant much to me. And I saw things that made my heart sing and captured my imagination – antiques and collectibles and the creations of very talented people. Oh, if I had a bigger house I could fill it with all the things I saw! Perhaps I need a house like Deepwood!


Today – just a peek at the incredible day we had together and soon – very soon! – a closer look at some of the vendors and their wares. You will recognize some of them and others may be new to you. Some were so familiar and I knew who they were the moment I saw their artistry. I met others for the first time and now some are becoming sweet new friends who have joined those I hold close to my heart.


Before I entered the gardens at Deepwood it seemed there was magic in the air. There were vendors at the back. . .


On the side. . .


And near the front. . .


Of the grand, old home proudly standing guard nearby!


There were things to see and people to meet everywhere– treasures to be found wherever you looked! And music filled the air! The music of J.T. & the Tourists got our toes to tapping and our hearts (and, at times, our mouths) to singing. It was music many of us grew up with – music that made us feel young again. Just for a day!


And when you thought you had seen it all, nearby you could meet the gals from Jack Rabbit Cafe and enjoy their yummy treats, delectable lunches and refreshing drinks on a warm summer day.


For a small fee you could have antiques appraised by local expert, Cindy Day (on the left).


And you could watch an art restoration demonstration. See the lighter area at the lower right side of the old oil painting? That’s the part that was cleaned and restored! (And I’m sure Max would love to talk about rebinding your old books.)


Not far away you could wander and enjoy the marvelous cars on display. You could talk to their owners who would answer your questions and eagerly tell tales of the cars they love dearly. Classic cars. . .


And vintage cars.


It was a marvelous day! Soon I will show you who was there and the wonderful things they had to offer. And I will show you what I bought – oh, I wish I could have brought home more of the treasures I saw! Of all the people I met and the wonderful things I saw I came away with a sweet memory in my heart – the memory of Mandy, the sweet little dog who seemed to take it all in stride. Her bed was not just any old bed – it was a vintage suitcase. Now she’s a dog with style!


*News flash: There was good reason why I took so many photos and shopped so little, although I did shop! I was asked by Deepwood staff to take photos for the new Deepwood blog that will debut soon! I was introduced to each and every vendor and given permission to photograph their wares to share on the new blog. When that happens we will link to their websites and blogs so you can get to know them and have a chance to purchase their creations and treasures and the services they offer. I’ve also been asked to possibly be part of the blog design team and one of the people who will share information and events at Deepwood Estate. When it’s up and running I’ll let you know. You can’t imagine how excited I am for the opportunity to share this wonderful, elegant piece of history with you! Until then, you can read more about Historic Deepwood estate on their website.


  1. Oh Adrienne! How exciting to be part of Deepwood Estates blog:>) It looks like such a beautiful place and a fantastic faire, I sure wish I lived closer, I would have been there with you. I think we all need ahouse like Deepwood! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. You will have to remind me of this next year. I love the photo in the previous post where did you find it or did you take it?
    Hasn't the weather been wonderful this week?How is your daughter doing?

  3. ohhhhh...great photos!!! I didn't get to see as much of the show as I would of liked to...but, thats to your pics, i got to see what i missed out on!!!

    Heart Hugs,

  4. Wonderful pics, sweetie! Had so much fun together. Chat soon ...
    Betty :)

  5. Such a beautiful place. Yes, I think you need a house like that! Your pictures are wonderful and make me want to be there with you. I'm so excited for you and the opportunity to help them build their blog. How wonderful! I can't wait to see it and read more. Just might have to make sure this show is on my calendar for next year!

  6. What a sweet photo of the dog.

    One of the things I like about photography is that I can relive such splendid moments over and over and I am sure that the older I get the more I will appreciate this.

  7. You took fantastic photos!! Yes, my charms are for the Deepwood "Tea" They will be priced right so I hope you can get your hands on one.

  8. Oh, Adrienne, I'm so glad you can be involved in all that. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. It does look like such great fun.

  9. Hi Adrienne! It was so nice to meet you at Deepwood. What a sweet lady you are, and so much fun to visit with! I love your blog too, and thanks for visiting mine! :)


  10. Clear Lake on the way to Sisters. Then we went to Belknap to take a Hot Springs swim...we always feel so refreshed afterwards.

  11. What a fun day Adrienne - I'd so love to see that house! blessings, marlene


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