Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star-Gazing, Keeping Cool and Other Concerns

1 - Hot Tub Pergola and Doors

We are contemplating some major changes to our bedroom. The biggest change will be the removal of our big window into the backyard so we can replace it with doors. The doors will lead onto a new, little patio that will house our hot tub that has sat for a bit longer than planned in its ‘temporary’ spot. We enjoy the benefits of the hot tub but it’s time to get our act together and get moving. Moving the hot tub, that is, before winter arrives in the Pacific Northwest. Final decisions and plans are being made and, hopefully, it won’t be long and the long-dreamed-of sweet place just outside our bedroom doors will be reality. The photo above captured my heart with more ideas than the pocketbook can handle. And my doors will not look exactly like these – my sweetheart’s advice, based on the size and limitations of our space, is to install sliding doors. I long for a pergola – one that will allow me to relax in the hot tub or on our little patio while watching the stars, the moon, the clouds and other flying objects! But how to handle Oregon rains in the winter is still under consideration and discussion. If you have ideas and suggestions that work for you or for someone you know, please feel free to share. We’re still at the ‘kicking-ideas-around’ stage on this one.

Air Conditioner

I’m anxious for the doors to be reality; however, I have a concern that holds me back from being totally ecstatic about the changes. We don’t have central air conditioning and my sweetheart has lovingly installed a unit in our window. How to deal with that has been a big drawback for me. I’m not fond of the idea of cutting a hole in the wall, installing an a.c. and leaving it there year-round. It seems there must be a creative and decorative way to deal with the hole in the wall when the a.c. is not in use. My best suggestion has been to install shutters that would cover the opening. I even thought of a cute, little door made of a framed picture! Today while wiling away the early hours of the morning in the hot tub an idea suddenly ‘struck’ me – a thought I can’t wait to share with my sweetheart. Why not, or should I ask can we, put a small window in the wall where the a.c. needs to be? That thought makes me smile – if there must be a hole in the wall, why not fill it with a window? And light! I’m sure he will launch into a discussion of load-bearing walls and headers and wiring and all sorts of things that must be important but I’m thinking it’s a question worth asking! And I’m sure he will mention the budget. Oh well, a girl can dream – can’t she?

If you have an air conditioner unit that has been installed in a wall of your home, or if you have some ideas, would you help me decide how to handle it in the big scheme of things? The decorating scheme? If the truth be known my first choice would be to install a whole new heating and cooling system that requires ductwork added to my sweet little cottage home. Brought that one up to my sweetie and you should have heard the discussion on that one! He likes the idea – the the pocketbook doesn’t! Maybe someday!!!


  1. Hi, sweetie!
    Thanks for being the incredible person that is "you"!
    B :)

  2. The changes sound wonderful. I'm afraid I cant help you with the air conditioning problem. We have a window unit, but Iam with you, I would hate a hole in my wall. I think your window idea has merit!

  3. Hm. How 'bout installing a *garden door* rather than a slider. That way you could keep the existing window (and a/c unit) and still have access to the outside and your beloved hot tub. A window treatment could cover both areas (window and garden door) but would open to where light and a/c access would be necessary during warmer months.

    We had a garden door in our last house. It opened up onto a covered deck with the hot tub ready and waiting. Oh, how I miss that hot tub!

    tickleberry farm

  4. No AC at my house, but I do have french doors looking out on the back yard and just love them. As much as possible the doors are open and I can sit at my desk and watch the squirrels play outdoors. The picture with the french doors and hot tub, oh would that be glorious.

  5. Your plans to open up your bedroom to the hot tub area sounds wonderful (and I love your inspiration photo!). For the first 18 or 20 years we lived in our house, we didn't have central heat and air...just a unit right in the middle of the wall over my sofa. Ugly, ugly, ugly! There was no way to make it look better and the sight of it irritated me every. single. day. We also had a unit in the bedroom window. Given the options, imho, a window unit is probably better than having a unit in the wall. Finally we were able to save up enough pennies to get central heat and air and that wall unit was ripped out and the hole was plastered over faster than you can blink. Best money we ever spent, as far as I'm concerned, but of course that kind of investment makes more sense for us because we have to use our A/C almost 8/9 months out of the year here in FL.

  6. Adding doors out to the hot tub sounds so nice. I'm sure you would use it regularly that way. If you were to do a wall unite AC it might stick out too much for a picture over it. The shutters sound like a good possibility, especially if they were framed out from the wall some. The window might be the best option. We'll be eager to hear what you decide.

  7. We have the same plans for our bedroom! French doors to replace the big windows into our little backyard and a hot tub. Someday...I think it's a perfect plan for your room as well as ours!


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