Monday, July 26, 2010

New Finds and Treasures

Last Friday my cousin, my dear little mother and I spent the day together doing what we love to do – spending time together and enjoying an activity somewhere close to home. One of my dear mother’s neighbors was having a garage sale so that was our first stop. We enjoyed seeing and chatting with the neighbors again. I was very delighted to find a couple of things there. I love this framed picture with the little piece of broken pottery included. (It was hard to get a good picture – it’s hanging straight but it was hard to get this shot because the kitchen counter was in my way to get a straight shot! And you can see me!).


I hung my new artwork under a small picture that has a similar theme.


I was excited to find odds and ends of old silverware - a bargain at fifty cents for all.



Then we were off to a nearby suburb to shop at some of our favorite thrift shops and a consignment shop and enjoy lunch together. We left the first shop empty-handed but with plans to go back early today when everything in the store would be half price! I had my eye on a couple of things and hoped they would be there when my cousin and I arrive first thing the next morning! (More about that excursion tomorrow) Just a bit later we spent quite a bit of time at three adjoining shops that were established to raise funds to care for needy children. We spent a lot of time seeing it all. I found more treasures to add to my ‘stash’ in the car. A cute little ‘girly’ sleeper and a sweet, little handmade, hand-smocked dress (on the dollar rack!) for little Miss H.



I was thrilled to find a pretty tea cozy that will be just right for teatime with friends. Here’s one side. . .


And the other.


After a stop for lunch and a good visit together we were ready to go again! Next came a big, new Goodwill where there were a lot of things waiting for us to see. I found a two books I have wanted for quite some time and a nice, yellow pillow for my home. You know I love yellow and have touches of it in nearly every room of my house. This pillow found its way to my bed but I’m sure it will wander around until the perfect place is found.


We are doing some work in our bedroom and the yellow pillow is a sweet touch that picks up color from the quilt on our bed.


One thing I found brought such joy! I have needed a new teakettle and have been looking for awhile to find just the right one. I had shopped online, in stores and catalogs and had only seen one that I could visualize in my kitchen. As I was walking through the store looking at the house wares, a lady walked toward me with a beautiful blue teakettle in her hand. My heart did a little flip as I thought ‘that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for’. I kept shopping but that blue teakettle was on my mind and I wished I could find another just like it. As I stood in line for the cashier I looked over at a nearby shelf and what do you think I saw there? Yes, you guessed it – the blue teakettle! A quick step to the side and it was in my hands. Checking inside and out I found that it was nearly new so it went straight into my basket and now it sits proudly on top of my stove! Did I tell you it is Le Creuset? For six ninety-nine.


We had such fun together and we found some wonderful new things but most of all the time we spent together again was the most precious treasure of all.

There’s more to share. The next day. . . (to be continued)


  1. What fun to find such special treasures. Love the hand smocked dress.

  2. Adrienne, you found some lovely treasures. The pillow is the perfect accent 'touch' ...

    Have a lovely summer's eve ~
    TTFN~ Marydon

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day. I love your new blue tea kettle!!

  4. Oh that Le Creuset teakettle for 6.99...happy, HAPPY!

  5. What wonderful treasures and such great prices! I love the old silverware and the smocked dress is darling:>) The tea kettle is a great bargain!

  6. That little yellow dress is just adorable! Such wonderful finds!
    ~Angela :-)

  7. Nice bargains! My favorite is that little yellow gingham smocked dress! What a steal at $1!!!


  8. What wonderful finds! I love the little smocked dress. I had an older cousin who made some for us when we were little. So charming.


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