Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gratitude and Early Signs Of Fall

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails of support and encouragement. Don't worry - I will keep blogging! And I will continue to share my life as I choose to share it with you. You are the best! I definitely will keep blogging. No chance I’m going to stop now – I have too much to share!

Signs of Fall are slowly making an appearance in my home! Many of you decorated for Fall a few weeks ago but preparations and travel to the retreat in California and family and chaplain responsibilities made me wait a bit longer than usual to begin.

Every October I bring out the candles that were put away earlier in the year – and I get out warm afghans and throws to help warm a chilly day. Then I return the fireplace tool set to its spot on the hearth, add a basket of pinecones gathered in my dear mother-in-law and father-in-law’s yard many years ago and a brass wood basket with firewood made ready for warming chilly moments.

A day or two ago I finally brought out my Fall decorations and things started to change around here. I've added a few new things this year and it wasn’t long before I knew I wanted do something different. There’s no way to tell you how many times I have carefully arranged things, then stepped back to look it all over only to realize it wasn’t what I wanted. Because I really wanted to use the things I already had I tried to talk myself into ignoring the new ideas that kept popping into my mind. Finally, after a few things were in place I knew I had to follow my heart and make the changes I wanted – changes that seemed to be just right! It’s coming together little by little – and I’m liking it.

Hard decisions were made and I went back to some of my original thoughts – and I couldn’t be happier! Here’s what I did beside my favorite chair. I’ve changed parts of it several times and I like the way it looks. Remember my new, little coaster that I showed you here? It’s right beside my chair where I can enjoy it every day. These little treasures are on top of my grandmother’s sewing stand. It always stood near a comfy chair in her living room and I grew up wondering what she kept in the little drawers and ‘cubbies’. I was thrilled whenever she asked me to find something inside. Recently my mother gave me this little piece of my history – it needs some work done so you will have to wait to see more. I gathered some special things to display – just bits and pieces of things I enjoy.


I love candlelight! It took me awhile to find just the right thing for the candle in this spot. Some of my things were too large; others were too small. Some were just not right at all. This year I am using more of my yellow glass and pottery collections and working in bits and pieces of Fall decorations. I don’t know how many candleholders and combinations of candles and pretty things I tried before I decided to use a cute, little yellow glass vase on a small yellow candle coaster. I added a small candleholder inside so I could see the candlelight from my chair. I wanted the candle and flame to be enclosed for safety and I didn’t want the candle to melt all over the inside of my vase! So, this is what I put together.


This sweet, little autumn bird sits beside my candle. I found him at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Isn’t he cute?


I added two old books, chosen for the colors of the season and put a little yellow glass acorn on top. I decided not to put anything inside the acorn so the light from my big window would shine through and reflect off of it.


I’ve enjoyed watching the autumn sun reflect off the yellow glass pieces – and I find myself smiling as the ever-changing shadows dance across the room.


Yes, the signs of Fall have begun to appear. You can be sure there will be more – simple things are being changed and you’ll be among the first to know. I promise.


  1. G'morn Adrienne ~
    Your changes are both serene & elegant ... I love them.
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    CAndles are one of my favorite things about fall and winter. The beautiful glow and I love the scents they fill the house with. Love all your gold glass, perfect for fall!

  3. I too tend to get in a rut using the same old things in the same old way...since blogging it has been fun to be inspired to change things up. Love your "vignette" [the current buzz word in decor blogs :-)]. My favs are the books and the bird...oh he's so cute!
    Love to you!

  4. You have such a sweet way of decorating Adrienne - I can just see you having a cup of tea there. blessings, marlene

  5. Oh, a yellow acorn!! I want one!!! The vignette is so pretty, I like the way you put the candle set together! The little bird on the leaf is adorable!


  6. The yellow is just beautiful! You have created a lovely vignette! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad to have found you here:-)

  7. Adrienne, your special place is so pretty, and I love that it touches your heart. It is important that we can find joy in small things like light reflecting a warm glow.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. The candle inside the vase reminds me of a lighthouse. It is perfect. The books on the table also looks so beautiful. I would definitely want to sit by this table.

  9. Glad you are continuing to blog. How I would miss you.

    Great to have sun reflecting on glass.

    I love candles too but cannot enjoy them as much as I would like to as they affect my throat.

  10. Hello Adrienne!

    What a sweet place you have here. I have perused several of your posts and enjoyed reading each one.

    I am happy you left a comment at my place so I could come by and meet you! We share a very similar blog name :)

    Kindly, ldh

  11. Such warm cozines!
    I am sorry, Adrienne, that people were so unkind...I always try to remember when blogging...I have to be true to *me* and my calling and if the readers don't like it...oh's not *their* life...that said I would probably cry for days if they were mean to me:) So be true to *YOU*! I live in hunting is part of God's provision for man...
    Rene commented on my comment about Monticello...i live in Idaho... Portland is our favorite vacation spot!

  12. I always bring out the candles when it starts getting cold especially now that it's so dark early! You made a very pretty arrangement!


  13. Very pretty, Adrienne. You had a nice time doing it too, it sound like. Beautiful hydrangea too!



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