Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Thoughts


On this quiet Saturday afternoon in October, I stopped what I was doing to sit and enjoy the sunshine and take a moment or two to rest before going on to the next thing on my list. And I began to think and ponder. . .

* Something nibbled away little pieces of the Indian corn I carefully stored away at the end of the season last year! Perhaps it was the little gray mouse my dear Miss Savannah lovingly laid at the garage door just outside my laundry room. I need to replace the ears of corn but I wonder. . .there must be a better way to store delectable tidbits that delight little critters who find their way inside!

* I planned to only use off-white, vanilla-scented candles around the house because they go with everything all year long, but I’m enjoying the deep rusty red-orange shades of a few candles scattered here and there. A gentle scent of pumpkin spice drifts through the room – and I’m so glad there are no calories in the fragrance of candles!

* When I opened the box of autumn decorations this year I realized I didn’t want to use most of them. My heart kept longing for simplicity and softer, mellow hues with just a touch of color here and there. I need to simplify and only keep what I love and will use again. Reminder to self: Don’t buy it just because it’s pretty – or cute – or someone else thinks it would be nice in my home. Follow your heart. You can’t go wrong!

* I want our home to reflect who we are all year long andI love to add a few special things for each season. Our home should be a haven – a safe place to land, a place of peace and joy and love - first for us, then for our family and our friends.

* It’s very hard to write a blog post when Miss Savannah is determined to settle down for an afternoon nap on my laptop! She’s warm and furry – and purring. I think she’s finally accepted the fact that there isn’t much room left on my lap but I can share a small part with her!

* Time to get busy – there’s always something waiting to be done. Outside I can hear my sweetheart working to ready his little boat for the winter. Sounds of a nearby lawnmower remind me that the grass is still green and flowers are still growing and there is a little more time before the world outside my window goes to sleep for the winter!

* Thoughts turn to my family and I wonder what they are doing. I think of what they mean to me and breathe a prayer for each one by name. ‘Thank you, Lord, that You have blessed me so abundantly. I am grateful for your love and grace, those dear to my heart who love me and the friends I treasure. What more do I need?’

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  1. IT sounds like you had a beautiful afternoon. Something about this time of year lends itself to sitting quietly and thinking about things.


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