Friday, October 8, 2010

Heart Thoughts


Dear Friends -

My heart is sad that there are those who choose to pour out their agendas on those of us who enjoy the world of blog and who share openly from the deep recesses of our lives with honest and pure motives. I have received nasty comments from people who chose to express hatred and their total disgust with me for sharing and posting the story and pictures of my family’s hunting experience. I am sorry if I offended anyone – it was not my intention. I will not stoop to their level of communication with a response nor will I apologize for sharing my pride in the men of my family who, in honor and respect, help meet the needs of their families and share with those who otherwise would not have enough to eat. While I do not share the viewpoints expressed, I do respect the fact that there are those – including some of my friends – who do not agree with nor share my appreciation for the subject.

I have chosen to remove the post and photos rather than subject myself to further negative and hateful communication . I’m sorry that we cannot just be ourselves and share our joys and the things that touch our hearts deeply without misunderstanding and attack. I do appreciate the comments from you, my friends, who do not agree with me nor see this subject as I do yet chose to appreciate what I shared from my heart. It means much that you understood yet expressed your personal point of view with grace and love. That is as it should be!

I have disabled anonymous comments in an effort to avoid further bitter and hurtful communication with me. I am sorry that, because of the hatred of a few, some of my family and friends will no longer have the opportunity to add their comments to my blog posts. To you friends and family – you know how to contact me. I value your thoughts and your comments. And I have once again enabled word verification as an extra measure of protection.

I have learned a lesson that some of you have already learned. I know now what, perhaps, I already knew – the world we live in is not what it used to be. It is not a world of respect for the thoughts of others unless they agree with the thoughts of the reader. There are those who take great pride in their aggressive and hateful words when saying what they think. Some preach the need for tolerance no matter what yet they often are the very ones who are intolerant with some who believe in different principles than their own.

When I started my blog I had a ‘vision’ and a goal – the post I shared yesterday met that goal with honor. I will not hang my head in shame – nor will I apologize for sharing my heart with pride. In an effort to remain true to myself this experience has reminded me that I cannot trust everyone who may read my blog to be kind and gentle. Perhaps the time will come that I decide to make my blog private and by invitation only. Some of my dear blog friends have been forced to do that – I hope I will not have to make that decision. So – my friends (those of you who truly are my friends) – with deep sadness I have removed the post I shared with pride, the words from my heart that expressed my joy in the way a young man chose to touch his grandma’s heart one fall day in Oregon. The post is gone – the words have been erased from this place. But not from my heart. Never from my heart!


  1. So sad you received a nasty comment. Yes, it is a world where we need to take care. I was happy for your joy, just sad for the deer; but I understood. Thanks!

  2. I'm sorry that some people choose to use their words to express hate rather than just being silent...and I'm sorry that you were hurt. ♥

  3. Oh Adrienne, so sorry this happened.

  4. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I think a lot of bloggers no longer allow anonymous comments, because of the same reason.
    Hugs to you!

  5. Oh, sweet friend, I'm so sorry about all that. I did not see the post. It is ridiculous that some people in this world express such hatred. I'm sorry they hurt your feelings.

    Love and Hugs,

  6. Dear Adrienne,

    I am so sorry that you have been subject to someone's lack of respect for you and what your family enjoys.

    Thank you for always sharing what's on your heart!!!


  7. Well for heaven's sake - I can't imagine what objection anyone had to that post unless it was the hunting aspect. My husband and son and grandsons hunt too and we eat the meat. Our forefathers did and it's allowed in the Bible. That's enough for me. And I loved the fact that your grandson called you from the woods. That shows what a wonderful grandmother you are - he trusts you and knows you will applaud his accomplishments. Ignore the ugly Adrienne - and especially the anonymous. Their cruelty is not worth one minute of thought. And if they are anonymous when they are cruel they are also cowards. I loved your post! blessings, marlene

  8. Hi Adrienne,
    I saw the post on my google reader but was never able to actually get it to comment. My family hunts too and I congratulate your family on their success! It is a crying shame that people are so nasty, but I think the anonymity that is available through commenting allows that sort of thing witth no repercussion. Don't give it any mind. Delete the comments and go on. I wouldn't remove the post either! It's your blog and your place to share your life. DOn't let the mean people dictate or rule. When they get results,(knowing they upset you, making you remove the post) they win.

  9. I saw and read the post Adrienne and I'm so sorry that some people think they have the right to their views and no one else does. Hunting is a American right and a family tradition, especially on the west coast. God created man and then He created animals for man...period.

  10. I missed the post you are referring to but I'm sorry you received negative comments about it. To my way of thinking, this is YOUR blog and the content should be of your chosing. You can't please everybody and if something you (or any of us) post is offensive to anyone, there are plenty of other blogs they can read instead.

  11. So sorry you have had such negative & nasty comments. I know how that feels & it's never easy to be on the receiving end. Thanks so much for your support & sweet words always to me. It's truly appreciated! Hugs!

  12. Dear Adrienne
    I felt so sad when I read this post. It made me want to cry that prople could be that mean and hurt you so much. Please don't stop blogging or if you decide to allow invited comments only make sure that I am included. I would hate to lose touch with you.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  13. I'm sorry you were hurt by those hateful people. You are right, people aren't the same anymore, I think it's because they don't have Jesus in their heart (and don't want Him!)

    I wish you hadn't removed the post, I didn't see it and would have liked to. I haven't been blogging much, having a lot of health issues.

    Please don't let this incident keep you from blogging! If you go private, please include me!


  14. I didn't see the post..I am really sorry you removed it. That's too bad that some people are so dang mean that they can't keep their cotton-pickin mouths SHUT. Guess their mama didn't teach them that if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all. Also, bet they were too ashamed to ADD THEIR NAME.
    Just ignore those kind of remarks, if you can, and DELETE them right off the blog. Save your posts...your children and grandchildren will love reading it someday.
    Sorry you got your feelings hurt, dear one.
    I am so ashamed of those that act so childish and uncaring of others views and feelings.
    hugs, bj

  15. Sorry y ou had to experience this Adrienne.

  16. I didn't see the post Adrienne, but I'm so sorry that people can't just be civil when disagreeing with someone/some thing. I've also been on the receiving end and know that it can hurt deeply to be so judged by people that don't even know you. I'm so sorry that people were mean to you.




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