Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boys, Ballgames and Bunches of Fun!!!

We spent last weekend with two of our grandsons, Mr. R. and Mr. G., while their parents attended an out-of-town conference. Part of the weekend was spent at their house in a nearby city so Mr. R. could play two Little League games -- one on Friday night and one on Saturday morning. After the game on Saturday we ate lunch at their house, packed up our car and brought the boys to our house until Sunday evening when their dad (our son) came to get them. What a weekend we had!!

Mr. R. at bat
(He hit the ball deep into the outfield.)

Mr. R., the Catcher

A game of Rock-Paper-Scissors on the sidelines

(Grandpa and Mr. G.)

Backyard baseball at their house

(If you look closely you can see the ball in mid-air!)

Some very important things happened at our house after church on Sunday:


(Mr. G. and Grandpa)

Making Salad for lunch
(Mr. R. and his Great-Grandma, Nana)

Football with Grandpa

And a Sunday Afternoon nap for Mr. G. and Grandpa!

We wouldn't trade our weekend with the boys for anything -- it was one of those times we will look back on and treasure. They will grow up way too fast and will never be exactly like this again but in their hearts, and ours, we will always remember a couple of days in June and the boys, the baseball and the bunches of fun!!

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  1. You captured some wonderful moments with the boys! They're too cute! Love the rock, paper, scissors one. Great memories you'll have...


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