Saturday, June 16, 2007

Grandkids in the Garden

Two of our grandkids came to spend the day with us today. Miss A . had a secret project she needed to work on and her brother, Mr. C., came to help Grandpa in the garden. Their little sister, Miss E., decided to stay at home with her mommy.

Sometimes when you're having fun your plans just go "out the door" and fun takes over. That was true today. Some of the garden got planted but there were a lot of fun and games, too. Miss A. joined Mr. C. and Grandpa in the garden when she finished her project. You can see their hard work and the fun they had here:

Mr. C.

Miss A.

Is this where you want it, Grandpa?

Here's how you do it.

Let's give it some special food to help it grow.

Then Mr. C. discovered some ripe raspberries! His next task was to see how many he could eat without getting caught.
I'll just have one!

Oh no, not Grandma and her camera again!

Maybe I can hide behind the grapes.

Miss A. reveals her finished project.

The garden will grow and so will Miss A. and Mr. C. Someday we won't remember what we planted in the garden this year but we will remember all the fun and laughter one Saturday in June when we were together in the garden.

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