Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

62 years ago today my parents were married in a beautiful ceremony in my dear mother's home church in Southern California. The church was decorated like a garden - all done by friends and family. My grandmother made Mom's bouquet and fresh orange blossoms encircled her veil. I'm sure a sweet fragrance filled the little sanctuary -- not only from the flowers but from the sweet presence of God that filled that place. Mom and Dad commited their lives to each other "in the presence of God and these witnesses" that Sunday afternoon - and they commited their lives to God for service in fulltime ministry. Dad had graduated just weeks before from a Bible Institute in Seattle where he met my mother. They served God together for nearly 58 years before He took Dad home to Heaven.

We will celebrate this special day with Mom and recall how two very special people who loved deeply and forever had a marriage that was truly made in Heaven and that reflected the love and grace of God through their years together. We will feel Dad's absence keenly but we will remember fondly how he loved Mom and how their marriage was the just the beginning of a legacy that lives on.


  1. Such a beautiful heritage. Those kinds of committments are hard to find in this day and age. Blessings!

  2. BTW, speaking of lovely flowers. I clicked on your blog and that amazing header of bigger than life roses greeted me on my wide screen computer. Wow! I could almost smell them.


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