Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday To Our Dear Daughter

Happy birthday to our dear daughter, Mrs. M. 30 years ago today she entered our world. She captured our hearts, and our lives have never been the same since then. She brought a new dimension to our home in ways we never dreamed possible. I think we might have been a rather ordinary family without her! There were three of us - my sweetheart, our young son (Mr. J.) and me. We were a fairly quiet family --that is, until Miss M. arrived. She added activity and experiences we would have missed without her.
She was beautiful and bright, cute and clever, fun and full of passion for life, inquisitive and intriguing - always on the go! She was very special and we loved her very much and she knew it. She pushed us to go the extra mile and we often did things I'm sure we never would have tried without her urging us. The day she entered our world was one of the most wonderful days we can remember -- we can't imagine life without her.
Happy birthday, dear daughter. You have added more to our lives than we can comprehend. You have grown to be a woman of strength and compassion, kindness and love and a good mother to your three precious children. There has been a lot of laughter and fun through the years and some tears and trials along the way. You have walked on mountaintops and through some valleys, you have studied and worked hard and you have become such a special lady in the lives of so many people. We love you -- we are so proud that you are our daughter.

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  1. What a special tribute to your daughter!! Happy birthday to her. It's wonderful to have such a special relationship with your daughter (I have such a great relationship with mine and I'm so grateful). I hope she has a wonderful birthday!! And congratulations to you too.



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