Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Grateful Heart

Today is a very busy day for me but as I rush around taking care of the responsibilities of my day I am more aware than ever of God's watch-care over His children. My heart is full of praise and gratitude as I think about the events of yesterday and the way He worked in the lives of 3 very special men.

Rev. D. is a close family friend of many years. He is in his 90's and needed to have surgery for cancer yesterday. His age and heart condition were against him. In the normal scheme of things, there was cause for fear. But God brought him through and he is recovering to complete the plan God has for him. Only He knows the measure of our days and I am so thankful that He guided the hands of the surgeon and the doctors involved with our dear friend yesterday.

Mr. J. is a young man - husband, father - whom we have never met. He lives thousands of miles away from us but God isn't affected by time or distance. Mr. J. is a close friend and associate of one of our dear family members and the urgent request to pray came yesterday morning. Mr. J. was on vacation with his young family - relaxing and playing on the beach - when he fell or was pulled under the water. Apparently he hit his head very hard and walked out of the water asking his wife to get help because he was sure he had broken his neck. Lifeguards and paramedics assisted him immediately. It was confirmed at the hospital that he had, indeed, broken his neck. The doctors all said it was a miracle that he is alive and walked out of the ocean. Many hours of surgery followed. The report came last evening was that he came through surgery fine, would probably be walking in his hospital room last night and may leave the hospital today! Once again, God had a plan for a man that nothing - not even the waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean - could change. Our God is an awesome God!

Mr. K. is a young man in high school who has come into our lives over the past year or two. He is a strong, fine, very committed Christian. He began to help my sweetheart with yard work at our home and at my dear mother's home. Yesterday afternoon he was on his bike, on his way to work in our yard, when he was struck by a car in the intersection of the highway that goes through the middle of our town. He was knocked from his bike and landed on the sidewalk nearby - flat on his back. Emergency personnel were on the scene immediately but they determined that he did not need medical care. Other than some sore spots and bruises it appears that he is doing OK. This accident could have had a different outcome but, once again, God had a plan for Mr. K. that nothing could stop.

My heart is full of praise today and I feel a sense of awe as I think about these 3 men and how God took care of each of them yesterday. And I wonder how many times He protects us and the people around us and we don't know it!

O LORD, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
You have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago.
Isaiah 25:1


  1. Adrienne,

    My name is Betty from Country Charm and I appreciate so much you coming by to visit and taking the time to comment about our 47th anniversary...

    It seems we have much in common. For many years I've had a love for the dear people in the nursing homes...I, too, play the piano and sing with them as well as five of my eight grandchildren singing also.

    Please come again....God Bless..Betty

  2. Adrienne,
    What a wonderful testimony to God's loving care! I am so glad your friends are all ok. Thank you for sharing this good news. Isn't it funny? We have, if not the same rose, then very close on our postings. :>)


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