Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Color Splash

There have been such wonderful comments about my new dishes and my yellow glass collection. Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses suggested that I paint the back of the hutch to better showcase my yellow glass and the pieces of new china I will add there.I've thought about that for a long time and I haven't been sure what color would be right. It would be easy to overpower the gentleness of the yellow glass but just the right color would make it 'pop'. I've thought of wallpaper or fabric on the back but I haven't been able to visualize anything that takes my fancy. I've thought of glazing or antiquing the hutch a bit. If I do I will follow Tracey's directions. I love what she does.What do you think? I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Should I add some 'doo-dads' or other things? Or, should I just keep it simple - yellow glass and new yellow rose dishes?I decorate with blues, yellows and whites. The wall to the left of the hutch is soft yellow. That is the back wall of the dining room that goes into the kitchen. Most of the wall in the dining room is filled with the sliding glass doors. Not much of the yellow shows in there. The wall to the right becomes the fireplace wall in the living room. The color of this wall and the living room is Martha Stewart's 'Tortilla', a gentle and soft taupe. I'm open to adding a new color, if it's the right one. You know what this means, don't you? Work. More work. I don't mind. I know I'll love it!


  1. First of all, let me say that I love the corner hutch! Sooo cute. And the yellow ware is charming. How about covering the back of the hutch with some tag board (heavy cardboard type stuff) that is covered with wallpaper or wrapping paper in a yellow toile or a check? It could be removable then to change out. I can't tell what color your walls are....something that compliments the walls and the yellow ware would be perfect! Here is a sample I found, but you may want to go with a more suttle look...it gives you the idea though:
    Of course, simply antiquing the white hutch would be cute as well! Hope these ideas helped a bit.....


  2. Hi Adrienne! I have been so busy I have to catch up on my blogs! Love the yellow rose dishes and glass. I think I would look for paper samples in different colors and try them behind the glass just to see what they do. Maybe even some wallpaper samples? The yellow is so light it will be hard to put a color behind it that wont change how it looks. I am sure you will come up with something beautiful though. Maybe ask Kari & Kisja?

  3. What a charming hutch and I love your yellow dishes! So pretty! I agree with what Tracey and Kathleen are saying, try some samples in paper, fabric or other to see what you like. The colors that will make the dishes jump out the most will be in the blue side (opposite on the color wheel), but since the dishes are transparent the blue will also change the color--it might be interesting, or it might be muddy. But my first thought is to try blue or aqua.
    ~Angela :-)

  4. Highlighting yellow glass is very tricky, since the color of the glass will be lost in the background color. The best color to highlight the glass is probably with the white background. I think you just need to fill-in some of the white with a little yellow detail.

    If you're going to put the yellow rose dishes in the cabinet with the yellow glass, I would leave it at that. If you're not going to put in the yellow rose dishes, I would find some wallpaper with a white background and yellow roses or if you can find some paper with yellow roses you could cut them out and decoupage them inside the cabinet.

    You could, also, try a paper with a yellow design . . . yellow checks, toile, scroll etc.


  5. Oh Kathleen has a good suggestion to ask K&K. I would experiment with different colors before biting off painting it. I like the idea of mixing in some complimentary doo-dads that might mix it up some. You have a wonderful cabinet for displaying and a BEAUTIFUL collection of glass!

  6. Thank you so much for the invitation! We are honored!! What a lovely collection!!

    Yellow glass is hard display item, as color is tricky, changing easily against different shades, and the plates, as they are transparent, are easily lost. We love the suggestions so far, and might add ours to the list:

    1. We would love to see a glaze on the cabinet, softening the contrast, and giving a lovely sense of age to match the glass. Subtle is the key here, as to not lose the color of the glass to the background.

    2. A patterned paper or fabric would be nice, but the glass can also disappear against it. After adding the paper or fabric, we would suggest backing the clear plates with some porcelain or ceramic ones that coordinate with your glass and interior, such as your new dishes below. The white of the plates would frame the glass against the pattern, and the scattered yellow roses would accent the yellow glassware.

    3. Another suggestion to set the glass off might be the use of vintage mirrors or silver. These propped or hung on the back walls of the hutch would reflect the glass and some of the colors in your interior.

    Also, when displaying pieces in a hutch, some plates hung on the back walls help with height and depth in your arrangement. They make plate hangers in many styles and materials, also in clear for glass plates. Varying the height of the items on the shelves with risers and other accent items also helps make a pleasing display.

    Can't wait to see your finished display!

    kari & kijsa

  7. I think it looks perfect. Very pretty. I wouldn't add anything, I think it looks so nice, and uncluttered.


  8. I agree with everyone that suggests trying out paper or fabric samples behind the glass. The glass is beautiful!

  9. I love the hutch! I love your dishes and your glassware! If it were me, I'd leave the inside of the hutch white and use splashes of color in the form of doo dads, mirrors behind or beneath the yellow glassware or an occasional piece of silver tucked in amongst things to add just a little sparkle and reflection. My best friend collects the yellow depression glass and has tried different colors and techniques and always comes back to displaying it against either a white or a dark wood background.

    What ever you decide, I know it will be absolutely beautiful!


  10. I came here from Katherine's blog and I'm so glad I did. Your new yellow china is so pretty. As someone who has just discovered the charm of yellow depression glass, I really enjoyed seeing your collection.

  11. I have a green hutch that is home to my small collection of white ironstone. I kept thinking it needed something but couldn't decide just what. One day, I spied some fabric that I liked...bought a small amt of it, cut and tacked it on the back walls of my hutch and, walla, it made my ironstone nearly jump out of the cabinet! I love it...so, you might try tacking some loved fabric up and just see if you like it. Not much money involved and hardly any work at all...I can email a pic. of it to you, if it would help.....
    hugs, bj

  12. Oh, after reading K&K's ideas, you should be able to pick something that will work great. I especially loved their suggestion of putting a plate behind the yellow ones....fabulous idea!!

  13. Dear Adrienne,I apologize for not commenting sooner, I've taken a quick peek a few times, but no time to "think" and make a comment. I've had a little stomach problem, plus been busy with hubby and running here and there.

    I absolutely love your yellow depression glass!! I think it looks very pretty the way it is, but I can understand you wanting to make it "pop" with a different background. All I would suggest is maybe a few little doilies hanging over the shelves. Either lace or Battenburg would be pretty.

    Once I moved my yellow depression glass off the yellow rose tea cart and displayed in on a natural colored bookshelf. I had a lot of compliments on how pretty the natural wood looked with it.



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