Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stopping By On A Busy Day

I am just dropping in on a very busy day to ask for prayer for a dear friend of ours. We have had the privilege of knowing him and his sweet wife for several years and have walked with them through some of his battle with cancer. This evening he will have a stem cell transplant - the stem cells have been harvested from his sister - and there is risk in the entire process. We have been honored by them with the request to join his sweet wife and their family in the waiting area, to pray and wait with them. My sweetheart is leaving work early today so we can arrive in time to have a special time of prayer together with the two of them before Mr. R. is taken to the surgery area. Please pray with us that the transplant will 'take' and that he will return to health and be able to continue to serve the Lord he loves so dearly. Above all, pray for guidance for the team of transplant doctors and for peace for his family. We serve a great God who cares about Mr. R. more than his wife, his children, his family and his friends.


  1. Hi Adrienne, I will pray for your friend. My mother in law had a stem cell transplant form her sister last february and has made a remarkable recovery. I can tell you that, although it carries risks, it is a great hope for healing.

  2. I'm praying for your friend,Adrienne. We just pray for a remarkable and speedy recovery for him also.

  3. We stand with you in agreement..please let us know the outcome of today.

    Have we met seems like it.

  4. Adrienne,
    Yes, I will be praying for Mr. R - may the Lord hear our prayers. Blessing to his family and his dear dear friends...

  5. Hi Adrienne, I will be praying for your friend, and his wife.




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