Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Spoon Full

Thank you to each of you who offered suggestions about my dining room hutch that is filled with yellow depression glass. I am looking and checking out the possibilities. I'll show you what I find.

In the box of treasures recently found in my attic were a few old spoons. I love old silver pieces, especially silverware. I love the detail and the beauty that was crafted into it. You can imagine how happy I was to find them. They were tarnished and needed care but the pictures taken before they were polished showed the detail best.

Spoons. I love old spoons. I love the front. . . And the back.They are all wonderful spoons but one is my favorite. My great-great-grandmother Sarah's spoon. You can see her name gracefully engraved on the handle.Sarah's daughter was my mother's grandmother who we lovingly called Nanny. She lived next door to my grandma and I spent many hours in Nanny's house when I was a little girl - especially in her kitchen. I loved to sit at her kitchen table and talk to her as she worked. As long as I can remember Nanny had a 'spooner' on her table, full of teaspoons. Somehow - I don't remember how - it became mine. I have treasured it and guarded it carefully through the years. So it was only right that I put these lovely old spoons in Nanny's spooner. Especially Sarah's spoon.With the old spoons I added two very special little spoons that were in the attic treasure box. Spoons that bring back so many precious memories. Memories of my babies. Now grown. Gifts from special friends to our dear new babies. Perhaps someday they will be precious treasures to my great-great-granddaughter!There is room for more spoons in the old spooner. A reason to find more beautiful old pieces. I will find them. Here and there. One or two at a time. And when I find them they will join the other spoons in my spooner full of memories.


  1. Great news on Mr. R and that spooner is so pretty! I love that kind of glass. I find old silver at garage sales and such. I dont care if it's beat up a bit, I still love the stuff.

  2. Love your old spoons. I marvel at how there had to be so many different spoons with oh so specific uses.

  3. I love the detail on these spoons!
    Very pretty!


  4. Adrienne,
    Those first 3 spoons on your post are just beautiful. And even more is the memories they carry. How lovely.

  5. Wow! They really are pretty and I love the color of your spooner~

  6. The spoons are charming, and all the more special being family pieces with memories.

  7. Hi Adrienne. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I noticed that you got a lot of ideas on how to show off your yellow depression glass. I will be interested to see what you finally decide to do! Hope you'll come again. Rhondi xo

  8. Oh wow! You have a treasure there! I love old silver tarnished spoons; they have a certain charm to it that talks about gone by eras, and past lives.... I just love them...

    Have a great Friday, Adrienne.


  9. Oh, how beautiful all of these are. I had forgotten about people having spooners on their tables long ago. My mother did and all my aunts....i didn't have grandmothers as they both died before I came along.
    I love old spoons, too, and started a collection of vintage spoons for a granddaughter that is a lover of old spoons, too. She has a lovely collection now.
    Be sure to take a before picture of you cabinet and then an after to post on your blog....I would love to see it!

    hugs, bj

  10. ooohhh your spoons are *so* pretty!

    what a neat idea to display them in a vase - and a pretty one at that.

    i have some family silver (from hubby's side). such beautiful pieces - not all match which is fine and dandy with me. i even have a simple set in our vintage trailer.

    btw, the yellow depression glass is beautiful. i love how it looks against the white of your hutch.

  11. what beautiful old spoons... I love to see them...what memories they would bring back ...
    whenever you handle them don't you think of the dear people that used them!!!
    what a precious treasure!!!

  12. Those are LOVELY spoon..I have a few I treasure too..they are so decorative and unique!!
    thanks for sharing them..and I love them in the
    fondly, Deena

  13. Oh, I love all those beautiful spoons, and the spooner! How special to have your great, great, great grandmother's name engraved on one!


  14. I loved looking at your wonderful spoon collection. They are beautiful!

  15. I happened across your site and loved your spoons and the spooner -- my grandmother always had a spooner full of useable spoons on the table as everyone seemed to congretate there to drink coffee and chat. I too keep my usable spoons in a spooner -- it reminds me of my dear sweet grandma.


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