Friday, January 4, 2008

The Next Step

A phone call from the wife of our dear friend this evening brought good news. The second - and final - harvest of stem cells from his sister yielded many more cells than yesterday. More than the medical staff had hoped to receive. Early this evening the second and what should be final part of the transplant process began and is complete. Mrs. I. was able to have the 'lines' taken from the artery in her neck and begin her healing process. The extra, unneeded cells will be frozen for Mr. R. in the event he should ever need more in the future. We are trusting that won't be necessary and that these new cells will firmly take hold in the bone marrow so he will soon return to renewed health. Now - a waiting time of ten days to two weeks before the results will be evident. Mr. R. will have a few more weeks in the hospital before he can go home again. Thank you for your kind prayers for Mr. R. and his sweet wife, Mrs. S. Your kind comments are so appreciated. I will share your loving support with them soon.


  1. Dear Adrienne,
    I am up and running on my computer again... and I am on the mend with my chest cold... so all is well with me... I was catching up on your blog... and I just had to stop in wonder and the greatness of God... that he would use the stem cells of one sibling to help the other...and you are such a good friend to sit and pray with them through all the processes...
    and the nurse was so right when she said that "You prayed the fever away",
    I missed you while my computer was down... and it is sooooo good to be back..

  2. What wonderful news. God blessed them.

  3. What a beautiful story this has been. Many prayers that these cells will take hold and heal him.

  4. Adrienne, this is GREAT News!! Our God is still in the miracle making business today, isn't He?



  5. Sounds like good news, still praying for them.

  6. A PRAYER FOR GRACE for your friends!

    Grant that we here before Thee

    may be set free

    from the fear of vicissitude

    and the fear of death,

    may finish what remains before us

    of our course

    without dishonour to ourselves

    or hurt to others,

    and, when the day comes,

    may die in peace.

    Deliver us from fear and favour:

    from mean hopes

    and cheap pleasures.

    Have mercy on each in his deficiency;

    let him be not cast down;

    support the stumbling on the way,

    and give at last

    rest to the weary.

    ~~Robert Louis Stevenson~~




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