Saturday, January 12, 2008

Treasures From The Attic

Yesterday I shared about the treasures that recently came down from the attic and I said I would share pictures soon. Several friends stopped by to say they were eager to see what I found. This is just the beginning. There are two more tubs that I have 'peeked' into. I can't wait to get back to them.

When I was a little girl my Sunday School teacher was a wonderful, creative lady. She and my dear mother worked together to make sure our spiritual education was strong and complete. But they also wanted to let us have fun while we worked hard learning Scripture verses, learning to be faithful in our attendance and learning to give of ourselves and our money. They printed out pretend dollars for us to earn so we could save and 'buy' prizes. I will never forget the Sunday that we walked into the basement room where we met and found it filled with many treasures waiting to reward our efforts. Some of the prizes had been donated by a lady who had a wonderful gift shop in town. We worked hard and saved our Sunday School dollars until the day arrived when we could spend them. The person with the most dollars could choose first. I was number three! I had worked hard with a special prize in mind and for weeks I had hoped that no one else would take what I had my eye on. I was disappointed to be third because I just knew the two girls ahead of me would take what I wanted so I planned what I would take if that should happen. Would you believe they didn't want what I had my heart set on? When it was my turn I marched to the front of the room and carefully picked up the precious prize my young heart so desperately desired. It was a little, old oil lamp - not new by any stretch of the imagination all those years ago. You can understand why I treasure this little lamp so much and why through the years since that Sunday I have carefully guarded it and cherished it. When I found it again yesterday it was nearly as exciting as the day so long ago when it became mine.
I had forgotten about an Avon milkglass soap dish I have had for a long time. I don't even remember where I got it, but I like it. I don't have a bathroom to put it in. Well, I have a bathroom - actually two! It doesn't fit in the bathroom off the laundry room and garage. That's my sweetheart's bathroom and it is decorated in 'man' things. And it doesn't go in our small main bathroom that is decorated in a coastal theme. We have hopes and dreams of adding on to our house someday. When we do, there will be a master bathroom in the plans and I will have a place for this one. For now it is in my laundry room window. I would like to put something on it. I don't know what it will be yet. Any ideas?Here's what the top looks like.

When our children were quite young we bought an old farmhouse that had suddenly been surrounded by new homes. It was a wonderful, old house with lots of character and personality. There was a lot of work to be done and we carefully, lovingly worked hard at updating and remodeling. One of the things I loved so much about the house was its wrap-around front and side porch. One day our daughter was playing near the porch when she discovered something just under the side steps. She was very small so she squeezed under the steps and came out with this old bottle. I treasure it because she found it!

Another Avon milkglass soap dish that I like. The soaps were in it when I found it yesterday. Yellow roses are my favorite so it's understandable that I should have yellow rose soaps. This one is in the laundry room window, too, waiting for that new bathroom to be built.

When our daughter was a little girl she had a hard time keeping secrets about birthday and Christmas gifts. In her excitement she would try so hard but she usually let something slip that gave it away. More than twenty years ago she planned and shopped for her Christmas gift to me and that time she kept it quiet. On Christmas morning she handed her gift to me and with eyes as big as saucers and a smile that is etched on my heart she watched as I opened the gift she had chosen for me. When she told me where she got it I nearly cried because of her thoughtfulness and creativity. One of the ladies in our church sold 'House of Lloyd' gifts. Our daughter asked her if she had anything I would like for a certain amount of money. They carefully (and sneakily) got together and our daughter purchased something very special that I have treasured from that Christmas Day on. When I unwrapped this treasure from the attic yesterday it was as if our little girl were standing here again, asking "Do you like it, Mom?" You bet I do! Always and forever!

We lived in the southern part of our state for a few years when our children were in the early grades of school. After we moved back to this area - near my parents - my dear mother took our children Christmas shopping each year so they could buy their gifts for my sweetheart and me. She took them one at a time and made a special day of it, including lunch out with Grandma. One year our son bought this special gift for me. He was so proud of it. He put a lot of heart into it - that's what makes it so special. There was a delicate ribbon and little dried flowers around her neck. I will put a ribbon around her neck. Maybe flowers, too. Last Spring I wanted to put her in my living room but didn't know where she was. Now I know!

This is the only treasure in the tub I emptied yesterday that was damaged. Maybe it should have been wrapped better, or maybe the paper shifted in transport up and down the stairs. Whatever happened, I feel sad. Her ear was chipped. Maybe someone who works with ceramics could fix it. Maybe there's something else I could do to it. Do you have any suggestions?

There are more treasures to share and stories to tell soon. Until then I'll look at each one, hold it and remember the dear people who have such a special place in my heart. They are what makes each piece such a treasure. The 'things' might disappear but the people will always stay in my heart no matter what happens or where I go.


  1. It's so nice to rediscover old treasures and the memories they invoke. I particularly love your Avon milk glass pieces. I used to have some Avon Red cut glass items that were discarded when I was younger....sure wish I had them back :-)

    Have a great weekend......Rosie

  2. What sweet momroies, it is no wonder you treasure those items the way you do! Memories of our little children get more precious the older they get, don't they?

  3. I love the treasures you found in the attic... especially the oil lamp...thanks for sharing them with us...

  4. Oh My! What wonderful treasures! And wonderful memories to go along with them.
    p.s. I am having a giveaway. Stop by if you have a chance.

  5. Oh did I enjoy this post, and learning what a big heart you have. You are a special person, and what treasures indeed!


  6. What great reasures. Thanks so much for sharing. If they could only talk.

  7. What lovely treasures and even more lovely memories. Thank you for sharing....

  8. I enjoyed seeing your treasures and hearing the sweet stories that go with them.

    Poor little bunny's ear! When I saw the chip my first thought was to use some pink "flocking" on it to disguise the chip.

    Love the yellow rose soaps!



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