Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beside My Door

I've been waiting! It arrived! Today when I came home for awhile between my two care center ministries - there it was. The package I've been waiting for.I hurried to carry it inside. I couldn't wait to open it! Oh - oh - oh! What a sweet friend. She carefully wrapped each gift and tied it with a pretty bow. Four lovely gifts. For me. Recently my friend, BJ at Sweet Nothings, had a give-away - and I won! She said she added something extra. I couldn't wait to see what she sent. First, the gorgeous plate I won. It's more beautiful than the pictures show!Then the cutest little honey 'flavoring spoons' to sweeten coffee or tea.And a wonderful little book I'm delighted to have. I can't wait to sit quietly with a cup of tea and start reading it. (I'm sorry my flash messed up the picture!)And simply delicious-looking Spring towels for my kitchen! Or for anywhere I want to use them. Put them all together and they just make me smile.The sweet little note of friendship that BJ included made my heart sing. Thank you, dear friend. I'm so glad we met. I will always treasure the special gifts you gave to me. It won't be long before I show you where I put them. Until then I'll just enjoy each part of this special gift from a special lady who I am proud to call my friend.


  1. She is a sweetheart! Love that plate and all the wonderful things she sent to you!


  2. Hi, I came over at your friend Betty's recommendation!

    Just in time to see all the goodies that arrived. :)

  3. Believe me, my friend, IT WAS ALL MY PLEASURE to send these small things to show you I care! You are such a sweetie and I love having you for my blogging friend!
    hugs and kisses,
    Oh, and if it's ok...I'll take a picture of your items over to my blog to show ...you did such a good job on the photos! It will give you another mention, which is always fun because you get new friends coming over!

  4. Isn't BJ wonderful!? And so are you, I am so glad you got that beautiful gift today to brighten your day:>)

  5. Looks like somebody loves ya!!!

  6. Oh, look at these goodies you lucky gal!

  7. What a wonderful box of gifts from BJ..she is the sweetest!



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