Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Stop Along The Way

After leaving Flourishes on Saturday we stopped in Washougal at the Pendleton Woolen Mill Outlet Store. I hadn't been there for several years and I was pleasantly surprised with the changes they have made and the merchandise they offer for sale. The store is filled with beautiful products made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Behind the outlet store is the mill where Pendleton blankets are made. Tours are scheduled frequently. Several years ago I was part of a group that toured and watched the process from raw wool as it arrived and was prepared, then spun into yarn, dyed and woven into beautiful blankets. Blankets are for sale in the store as well as lovely men's and women's garments that are made at another location. Many of the garments are wool but you will also find silk, cotton and linen as well. The store is nicely arranged and decorated and the staff is friendly and helpful. While the merchandise is discounted, much of it is marked down more, some as low as 60% off the lowest marked price. One area of the store offers beautiful Pendleton woolen yardage for sale. I bought a pretty silk scarf and yardage to make a jacket. On the wall of the store is a big sign that looks like Pendleton's signature label that is on all of their products.This rack of Spring blouses caught my eye - it looks like candy! Blankets and throws have changed from past years. They used to all look alike in the style of Indian-woven blankets and rugs. Those patterns are still available but the colors and patterns have been updated to include pastels, checks, plaids, stripes and solids. Nearby, a bin of buttons. . .Millions of buttons.I wish my sweetheart could have seen these chairs! He has always dreamed of having a log cabin near a stream or lake. Somewhere near a good fishing and hunting spot. We often talk and joke about the decor for the dream cabin. He loves to tease me that it's all going to look like Indian-style blankets, with fish, deer, elk, moose and bear decor everywhere. No roses. No pastel colors. No lace. That would be fine with me. I think. When I saw these chairs I knew he would like them on the porch of his cabin!This totem pole in the center of the store is a typical Northwest artifact. Near the fabric section old tailoring and sewing items made a nice display. I'd love to have an old thread cabinet like this one. (See the ends of the wooden bobbins in the drawer?)I love antiques, including vintage sewing pieces. The store is tastefully decorated with old things from the wool handling and weaving process. This wooly fellow is a reminder of where the process begins. The wool goes to market.It is carded (combed and separated). . .Spun and wound onto bobbins for the looms. (See the old wooden bobbins on the side of the winder?) The process hasn't changed much over the years. While technology has sped up and improved the way wool is made into yarn and woven into fabric the age-old methods are proven and reliable.

If you are ever in my area I would love to take you to the Pendleton Mill and Outlet Store in Washington, just across the river from Portland. It's an adventure, for sure. I think you would enjoy the tour and I bet you would like the store!

(You can read about the history of Pendleton Woolen Mills and their blankets here.)


  1. Hi Adrienne,
    I used to live in Gladstone and would visit the Woolen Mills frequently. I loved seening the store through your eyes. I was so sorry to have missed Florishes this time, thanks for soooo many great photos. Yipee about your stove what a perfect prize for being so patient!!
    I'm still sewing curtains but will post when I get done. Thankfully small windows and not too many.
    Sorry this is so long but I also wanted to tell you I love pink roses, but in the bedroom of the RV I am using a few yellow ones and I love how they look with the cowboy stuff!

  2. Your new banner with the vintage linens and crocheted heart is wonderful! And your field trip to Pendleton looks so yummy.

  3. The place is awesome. I could really do some shopping there.
    Thanks for your kind words and prayers they are greatly needed.

  4. You've been a busy girl too, lots of shopping and browsing. I just loved the pics of that big tree with the swing, so peaceful and pretty. Swings are so special to me, my dad has always had a swing up & now I have one at my house I hope to enjoy more these days.

    Your banner is so pretty!


  5. Hi Adrienne...I like "poking" around places like that..I had a friend long ago in SC..she and I found two warehouses stacked way up high to the ceiling ...one with quilting scrap material and the other with nothing but bits of lace...She and I were into crafts in those days.. Like you vintage linens for your header...very nice...Thank you for stopping by now and then...Dee Dee

  6. What a fascinating place, and thank you for showing me around.

    I think it is fun to dream about pleasant things that might be.

  7. Looks like a real interesting place! I used to love the Pendleton plaids.

    I always wanted a spool cabinet like that!


  8. Both Florishes and the Pendleton Outlet, look like wonderful places to visit! I love the picture at Pendleton with the newer versions of throws and blankets..

  9. Oh Adrienne, I love my Pendleton Blanket. It's one of my favorite throws.



  10. First, thank you for all your sweet comments and support. I really appreciate it and it means alot. Your post on Flourishes was beautiful and mirrors my feelings so well. I especially appreciate your pictures of the Woolen Mills. I haven't been there since the early 60's, even though I have driven by many times over the past few years. Thank you! Martha, Vintage Trifles

  11. This is where I get my wool ends for my birdies. laurie

  12. What very lovely photos. I so enjoyed reading this.


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