Thursday, April 10, 2008

Those Who Live In Glass Houses. . .

Shouldn't throw stones.

My dear little mother loves to use old quotations and sayings. She has said this one for years. When I was a child she had to explain it to me. It makes sense!
One of the special places at Monticello Antique Marketplace is the Garden Salvage room. It is a huge room with big glass windows and a garage-style door that opens to the side street. Perfect for loading and unloading big treasures. I could have the most fantastic yard and garden with what I saw in that room. And I could easily furnish my home with many of the furnishings found there. But what really captured my heart were the glass houses set up for sale there. I could picture one in my back yard. Not far from the patio door. I would go there often. Maybe with a friend. For tea. And conversation. Or alone. With a book.

Passers-by asked 'How did they get that in here?' One section at a time. It was assembled, disassembled, brought here and put back together again. Carefully. When my sweetheart looked at these pictures I suggested that he could build one for me. He said, "It's not rain-proof!" I said, "Oh, but dear, you could make it weatherproof. For me!" He didn't say anything. He could. I know he could. But I don't think he added it to his to-do list!

If you don't like white, it comes in colors.

What a sweet place it could be! A special place. Away from the cares of the day.

Or, a little greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers. I will let you know when a little glass house is built in my back yard. When I get one. IF I get one. Until then, I'll just look out my window and imagine how wonderful it would be to invite you in to visit and enjoy my little glass house. And we won't throw stones!


  1. Well the nerve of him not adding that to his to-do list! LOL!! Those are great little houses, I can certainly see one in my secret garden as well. Oh, Hubby, are you listening....

  2. These remind me of my great grandmother's "summer house" in the backyard. It was in the middle of her immense flower gardens and such a lovely spot to rest. Storm windows were installed for the off-season but in summer the screens were up and the evening breeze was refreshing. She had white wicker furniture inside the 'house' of which I have her very own chair. The chair she sat in to read the Word, to pray, to visit with a neighbor or family member, enjoy iced tea or fresh lemonade, view the beautiful result of her green thumb, reflect and restore.

    btw, your blog music is lovely.

  3. Adrienne, I would love to have one of those glass houses in our backyard! They're wonderful. I could see myself sitting there surrounded by flowers, enjoying a glass of iced tea and a book!

    And about that shop....WOW, what a great place to visit!

    Great post!

  4. Adrienne

    This is great, I can see you stealing away there!

  5. Oh my, I love the white glass house and oh, how I would also love one in my backyard. Except when it's really hot out and it heats up!! But it would be great for spring and fall sitting.



    Wouldn't that be such a retreat? So precious....and can you imagine the fun times to share in there with granddaughters, having tea, scones, strawberries (some dipped in chocolate, the rest dipped in REAL whipped creme), stories, giggles...AWHHHH, I WANT ONE, TOO!!

  7. ooo, I forgot to one of my magazines, somewhere, is a little house quite like this one. The man collected OLD WINDOWS for awhile, then, when he had enough windows, he built a little glass house. It was so precious and not expensive at all....(whisper this into your sweetheart's ear, after he is asleep, and repeat it, over and over "COLLECT WINDOWS!" Maybe it will become a passion of his!
    tee hee

  8. Hmmmm. My hubby has plans to turn the KY yard betweeen the house and the pasture into a "garden retreat" with flower beds and vegetable gardens. How beautiful would that little white house be nestled in the middle of it all?! I think I will add it to my "wish list", although I don't think it's quite up there with gutting the bathroom and remodling the kitchen. :)


  9. Hi Adrienne,
    Just wanted to stop by to say hello and catch up with you. I enjoyed all your pictures from the antique market. Dave and I love shopping or just looking in antique stores. Our favorite pasttime.

    I love the glass houses and yes, I too would love one! lol Maybe your hubby is going to save that as a surprise for you?? :O)

    Thanks for stopping by to check on me. I am so blessed with blog friends who care about me!


  10. These are really neat little houses! I would paint mine bright yellow! How about you!?

  11. I have been collecting old windows in HOPES that some day hubby will build me a greenhouse like this!

    I love it!

    Hugz, Dolly


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