Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Dreaming Of A White. . . Spring?

Spring has arrived in the Northwest. At least that's what we thought - until this last weekend. It didn't look like Spring and it didn't feel like Spring. Brrr, it was cold! Snow was predicted at higher elevations and there were possibilities of hail and snow in some lower places, too. Saturday afternoon I suddenly heard the sound of hail. I opened my door and stood to watch the downpour of white from the skies above. My sweetheart was out of town so I reached for my camera to share with him what happened here while he was away. Hail began to slowly cover the ground. It continued to fall, bouncing high as it hit the surface. Soon my neighborhood looked like a winter wonderland. Nothing was spared. The patio was covered and I think I saw the little Spring flowers shivering with the chill. Soon the streets were covered and became like ice. Motorists pulled over to wait for better conditions. As I watched through the storm door a motorcyclist slowed to a stop and waited under a big tree in the yard of my neighbor across the street. Then, as quickly as it began, it stopped. Traffic slowly began to move again. Later it was nearly gone. The local news reported that my town received the strongest hail storm in the area. They said it lasted for eight minutes. That's not what is usually reported for my little town at this time of year. We are often in the news for the beautiful acres and acres of tulip fields nearby. Or the beauty of Spring in our neighborhoods. And flower shows in pavillions at the fairgrounds in our community. Flowers. Beauty. Spring. But not a covering of white. Not this time of year. Not here!


  1. Hi Adrienne...This looks very cold!!

    I loved the look at your laundry! It's wonderful!

    I've just been sitting here enjoying your music. Love it!


  2. Just the kind of spring that we have had, snow and hail but at least they are forecasting some warmer weather coming now.

  3. Oh, I don't like the cold days. We had a few frosty nights when I had to cover plants. Nice global warming is seems, huh, Adrienne? Your pictures are good. But I am not complaining, because it is very pretty here.

  4. Brrrrrr! I'm glad y'all were safe and sound inside your cozy little house while all that was going on! I guess you don't want to know what OUR temperature was yesterday! ;)


  5. Can you BELIEVE this weather??? I couldnt believe it11 It snowed for 1 1/2 hours here! At least its keeping me indoors and busy! lol. Have a nice evening! Laurie

  6. Brrr, makes this Florida girl shiver looking at those pictures! I do remember a big hail storm occurring in Florida many years ago - and a lot of damaged cars!


  7. isn't that amazing! "a white spring", indeed. It's been like that here too. Still in the 30th's. Yuck! Well, come to the House in the Roses for some fun, we are having a "Dessert Carnival" and you are still on time to send your photographs... come and see!


  8. We had snow over the weekend in Salem!!!And hail at times but mostly snow.It even began to stick.What a weird Oregon spring this is...Blessings~Sharon :-)

  9. I did think of that...but it would have to be wound onto the post, and that would be a pain. lol. Keep thinking. lol. Laurie

  10. Oh my goodness!! Looks cold! I hope that weather doesn't last too long and I hope it doesn't come this way either :)

    Blessings (& stay warm),


  11. Wow! What an amazing;y freakish Spring time storm! Your pictures of it are beautiful!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    My goodness, just look at that hail. I hope you didn't get any damage.

  13. Here's hoping for warmer days ahead!! 10/15 degrees below normal and hail is just NUTS!!

    Hugs and hugs, Aleta

  14. Hi Adrienne
    I hope that spring is finally here to stay for you with no return to cold! Isn't spring the best season? It reminds me so much of how God can take anything that seems dead to us and give it life .

  15. Omigosh - I thought that was snow when I first looked at your pictures. That poor motorcyclist.

    Thank you for the soap spray tip for my poor roses. I mixed some up and gave them a good spritz.

  16. Oh golly, I'd love to be there! I love snow, hail, fog, rain, cloudy days... :o)

    I love the music you have on your blog now. Beautiful.

  17. Hi Adrienne!
    Wow! It looks pretty, but I know what hail can do to cars, houses, plants. I am glad that you were safely inside taking pictures...

    Hope spring comes back soon for you.

  18. Brrrr...this looks plenty cold.
    Won't be long now, tho, until you will have that beautiful weather you speak of....
    As for the raised garden beds...we may do a very small one this first year...and some containers. Another blogger reminded me of the wonderful fruit and vegetable stands that will pop up everywhere this summer, too. :)
    hugs, bj

  19. I have just found your lovely blog, I hope you don't mind if I add you to my 'Places to visit' list.


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