Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Little Blog Business

This world of blog is so incredible. The possibilies for friendship are unending. Friends who would otherwise have no chance at all for connecting and getting to know each other. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers would never have dreamed this could be!

One of my new blogging friends lives in my state! About 3 hours away from my home. Not far from some of my sweetheart's family. The opportunity for a face-to-face meeting is good. Marilyn at The Cutest Cottage Lamps is a very talented lady. We have begun to enjoy communications that foster our blossoming friendship. She honored me by passing along this award for blogging excellence. I hope you will stop by her blog and get acquainted. And see her fantastic lamps and shades. You will be amazed. And glad you did.
Now I pass this award on to ten friends whose blogs I enjoy. As they accept the award they will pass it on to ten more friends. I pass this award to:

1. Mary at Little Red House.
2. Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor.
3. Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.
4. Rose at Classic Charm.
5. Cielo at
The House In The Roses.

6. Mimi at Listen To Grammie.

7. Cathy at Melodies and Hymnsongs.

8. Liz at Kentucky Bound.
9. Melissa at
The Inspired Room.

10. Tara at Days Missed On A Hammock.

A few days ago I was tagged by Kentucky Bound and given the task of writing a six-word memoir about myself. I share it here (after giving it much thought).

Held safe in God's Almighty arms

Now I ask these five friends to do the same.

1. Dawn at (4:53 am).
2. Kathy at Kathy's Cottage.
3. BJ at Sweet Nothings.
4. Paula at On A Rainy Night.

As I close this 'business session' my heart is touched again by the friendships and the joy blogging has brought to my life. Oh, what I would have missed if I had never ventured down this pathway. Thank you to each of you for opening your hearts and the doors of your homes and lives with me. Now, if I could only have a face-to-face visit with each of you! That would be perfect. Just perfect.

(Disclaimer: Blogger is - for some strange reason - messing up some of the spacing on this post. It frustrates me but I can't do anything to fix it. So, I must leave it and move on to something that really matters!)


  1. Adrienne, you are such a sweet lady. I appreciate being included in your list. Thank you for the honor.

    Hoping you are out enjoying the spring day!


  2. Oh Goodness, I will have to think this through! Thank you Adrienne:>)

  3. Hi Adrianne... I simple love your "six-word memoir", that is one of the reasons why I always come here. You lift up my heart, and make me thirst for my Heavenly Father... how awesome! Thank you so much for thinking of me when passing this award. I will post about it as soon as I can.

    Have a great evening, my friend.


  4. thank you Adrienne for the award... you were so sweet to include me with the award list...
    your thoughtfulness is very kind...

  5. PS. congratulations to YOU on receiving the award from your new blogging friend! YOU always bring such happiness to your readers!

  6. Congrats on this amazing so deserve it.
    What a beautiful memior! Thank you very much for thinking of me to pass it to. I must give it some thought and will post in a day or so...Your's is a hard act to follow!!
    hugs, bj

  7. You certainly do deserve the award, Adrienne. Thank you so much for including me and for your kind words. You are very sweet. And I really liked your memoir.

  8. Adrienne, I've very honored to receive this! Thanks you so much! Looks like I'm in good company too! I second all that you said about blogging friends. I'm sure we'll get to meet face-to-face someday!

    Thank you dear friend!


  9. I just found you through B.J. and am so glad I did. Have a beautiful night...Mary

  10. Hi Adrienne, What a surprise! It's late, almost 11 pm and I thought I would look at some of my favorite blogs...and look what I found! You have honored me, and I am thankful! What a sweet and thoughtful person you are! You are always so encouraging to so many are my friend too!

  11. Adrienne,
    AWE - Thanks my dear friend, you are such an angel.
    Yes, blogland friends are the best. I'm thinking we need to have a blog convention to all meet somewhere - HAAAA! Sounds fun doesn't it?

  12. Hi Adrienne Thanks for thinking of me and giving me the excellence award. Your six word memoir was perfect! Rhondi

  13. First of all, your six word memoir is the best I've ever seen. So like you!

    Secondly, congratulations on receiving the award. I was so excited for you! Which leads me to . . .

    Thirdly, Thank you so very much for presenting me with the bloggers award. It means a lot to me that anyone finds my midnight ramblings and rantings worthy of such an honor.

    I'm very grateful for my new blogger friends. I know that when I move, y'all will be able to come with me and that will make the move a whole lot easier!


  14. What a beautiful post! I really am amazed by the strong friendships and bonds that blogging has added to my life. My sister and I were talking the other day about how our Mom would have absolutely loved this.
    I will post my 6 word memoir soon. Must take some time to think about that one...
    Hugs to you!

  15. Oh thank you so much, Adrienne! I'm so honored to be included with such terrific bloggers. :)

  16. My six word memoir is up...
    See you soon.


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